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5 Ways to Get Motivated on Your Fitness


5 Ways to Get Motivated on Your Fitness Journey | Bijou Candles

We live in job market filled with computers, desks and sitting — lots and LOTS of sitting. This can make it difficult for us to achieve our fitness goals. By the time an eight, nine or even ten-hour work day has come to an end, hitting the gym feels like nothing but a chore.

If getting in shape is a top priority for you, but you’re lacking the motivation needed to reach your goals, there are lots of ways to give yourself a much needed kick in the butt.

Here are five fun and sustainable ways to motivate yourself into getting healthy and fit this year.

Plan a fitness-related adventure to a faraway destination

Sometimes the ideal vacation involves sitting on a sandy beach with a cocktail in hand, but if your goal is to drop a pant size or tone up, a getaway that incorporates fitness programs and classes into your schedule may be just the ticket. If you feel like trying your hand at snowboarding or downhill skiing, Big Sky Montana Resort is the ideal vacation spot. If warmer temperatures are more your thing, hike the Dominican countryside at Jungle Bay Resort and Spa or give your core a workout at The School of The World surf camp in Costa Rica.  

Shop for cute new bikinis and bathing suits

We all love a little retail therapy from time to time, but our apparel choices can also motivate us into getting healthy and fit. Check out brands like PilyQ for the latest trends in bikini patterns, styles and textures. If losing some weight before beach season is one of your fitness goals, consider ordering your bikini one size smaller than usual. These beautiful purchases will help you keep your eye on the prize and give you a target to aim for.

Take advantage of fun classes at different gyms and fitness studios
Gyms and fitness studios are a lot like bathing suits — it’s not a “one size fits all” scenario. Curves, for example, is a fitness and weight-loss facility designed specifically for women. If you find a workout environment filled with men intimidating, a facility like this might be the right choice for you. Many gyms also offer free trial periods. With no initial financial commitment required, you can take advantage of these trials risk-free. If finding the right kind of workout is your biggest challenge, try Class Pass. A membership with Class Pass allows you to find diverse fitness programs, routines and classes that work for you and your schedule. With a constant flow of new and interesting options, Class Pass ensures you’ll never get bored of your workouts.

Follow fitness gurus and leaders online

Getting in shape isn’t always an easy journey, but anyone who has ever embarked on a fitness challenge started out just like you. Use your social media accounts to follow fitness experts like Rebecca Louise of RL Healthy for inspiration, guidance, nutritional tips, advice and motivation. Remember that achieving a healthy and fit lifestyle is an ongoing process, so try not to be too hard on yourself if you stumble or make mistakes along the way.

Reward yourself for a good workout with a healthy, guilt-free smoothie
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: healthy and delicious can live harmoniously. A healthy smoothie is a great way to follow a hard workout at the gym and rebuild muscle tissue — any fitness guru is sure to tell you that an optimal fitness routine is about 20% workout and 80% nutrition. Satiate your sweet tooth with one of these tasty and nutritious smoothies and make them a part of your workout schedule.

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Always a dreamer, Jill Bentham is a passionate writer and photographer based in Toronto.


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