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Best Ideas for Summer Entertaining


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With only a few weeks left until summer officially ends (sighh), many people are scrambling to plan patio parties and picnics before the leaves start to turn.

Say a proper sayonara to the sun gods in style with these tips and tricks for easy outdoor entertaining.


In our recent post for a DIY wedding, we dreamed up the perfect (and most adorable) way to serve watermelon punch and showed us just how to get the job done. Mix things up a little by adding other summery bits of nature’s candy to your recipe. Think pineapples, limes and strawberries. Healthy and delish!

Plating, Cutlery and Dishes

Having a backyard garden party? What better way to complement your perennials than with some floral-patterned dishes and serving plates. Melamine dinnerware brand Q Squared does floral just right. Check out Q Squared’s Knoll Gardens dinnerware collection for an affordable and beautiful set — ideal for entertaining on a summer evening or afternoon.

Lounging in Style

This DIY Lazy Day Hammock from blog Camille Styles is gorgeous, functional and totally summery. After a filling barbecue and drinks, your guests just might be aching for an afternoon siesta in the shade. Made from canvas, rope and lace, these bohemian-style hammocks help your friends sleep off their food comas.

Patio Lighting

There’s nothing quite like warm summer nights spent next to the healthy glow of a roaring campfire. For city dwellers, however, there are lots of restrictions and regulations around backyard fire pits. Fortunately, you can create inviting backyard lighting that doesn’t violate fire codes with a little ingenuity and, a Bijou favorite, mason jars! These beautiful DIY mason jar string lights from backyard experts The Backyard Blog are a lovely addition to any deck, patio or overhang.

The “She Shed”

We hear about “man caves” all the time and, to be honest, guys, it’s getting a little old. What happened to a space reserved just for the ladies? Depending on your budget, you may be in luck because there are tons of great ideas out there for repurposing old backyard sheds and shanties. “She Sheds,” as they have affectionately been coined, are great spaces for you and your girlfriends to relax, enjoy some tea (or watermelon punch) and get away from it all. For inspiration, check out these cute ideas from — and don’t forget to incorporate your favorite Bijou candles into your décor.

About the writer:

Always a dreamer, Jill Bentham is a passionate writer and photographer based in Toronto.







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