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Our Founders on Rebranding & Burning Safety Tips


Bijou Candle Founders Talk Rebranding and Burning Safety Tips On Huffington PostBijou is the French word for jewel. It is also the name of a New York City luxury soy candle brand founded by Jocelyn and Alaina Young Drew. After realizing how expensive luxury candles were selling for, Alaina and Jocelyn, both candle lovers themselves, were determined to create a line of soy candles that offered a luxurious experience, high quality ingredients, and delicious, unique scents, all at an affordable price. With a Bijou candle, everyone can experience and enjoy a luxurious candle without overspending.

The two owners were recently interviewed by Huffington Post, where they shared their mission behind their company, the candle line’s recent rebranding, and some safety tips for getting the best experience from a Bijou candle.

Bijou’s Inspiration

Alaina and Jocelyn have built Bijou with the mission to provide a luxurious candle experience at a price that everyone can afford and won’t feel guilty about.

The Rebrand

Recently, Bijou underwent a rebrand, and came out of it on the other side with a higher quality candle with an upgraded design. Now the candles are not only made entirely in the U.S.A., but they are made from 100 percent soy wax, which ensures a cleaner and longer burn. Switching from their original resin vessels to milk glass with a 22-karat gold rim container, Bijou has now achieved the “warm glow” that they were trying to pin down.

The Feminine Scents and Names

Each Bijou candle has a name inspired from women in Old Hollywood, a time where elegance and luxury were at the forefront of culture. The names include Bette, Hedy, Ava, Claudette, Audrey, Lena, and Greta, and each accompanies a unique scent. It took over a year to perfect the scents and the vessel designs, which together offer a juxtaposition of vintage and modern elements. In the interview,  Alaina and Jocelyn share that in each of the luxury soy candles is something that everyone will love. “It’s all about balance and making it widely palatable and interesting,” they said.

Candle-Burning Safety Tips

Never let your candle burn unattended! In general, it is best and most safe practice to stay near your candle as it burns. After lighting it, make sure that it is on heat safe surface. In order to ensure a clean burn, get into the habit of trimming the candle wicks between each use. This way you’ll enjoy your candle with less smoke.

Find Alaina and Jocelyn’s interview on Huffington Post and purchase your own Bijou candle today.


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