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Candles are a great way to unwind and relax. They offer a simple calming experience that can relax the mind. They provide a way to de-stress after a long day. However, this experience may not be as totally innocent as you think. If you are a vegan or someone who values cruelty-free ethical products then you should keep reading.

You may be surprised to learn that many candles use substances that are derived from animals. Many premium candles are made from beeswax, which is obviously derived from animals. It is also very common for candles to feature aromatic elements that are also derived from animals. The majority also test their products on animals before they are introduced to the market. This is not very well known so it may come as a shock to any person who values ethical products and does not wish to use products tested on animals. Most candles lack any labeling so it is hard to find out which candles are completely vegan-friendly. Candlemakers can opt for animal product free materials for their candles, however, this is more expensive so they tend to go for the cheaper option.The stearic acid that is used within most candles to harden the wax and make it look opaque is commonly produced from animal fat. Slaughterhouses produce this fat in large quantities so it is available cheaply.

Bijou produces soy candles that are completely vegan. The candles are made from 100% soy, which is completely vegan and free from any animal-derived products. There is no animal testing done whatsoever within any of the materials inside a Bijou soy candle. They are completely cruelty-free.

The core belief of Bijou is that they value the life of all living creatures and therefore are committed to providing a completely vegan product that is free from all types of animal cruelty. If you are a vegan or just someone who wants their products to be completely ethical, then Bijou candles are the perfect choice to give you peace of mind. The owners of Bijou do not believe in cost cutting if it means there is any chance that an animal will be harmed. They believe in premium high-quality products that are also ethical. This is an important ethos for them and it is a value they are completely committed to.

Candles should always provide an ambient and relaxing experience. This experience can become a lot more stressful when you are unsure if the candles contributed to the harm of living beings. Fortunately, Bijou provides a premium experience with the added peace of mind that no animals were harmed or tested for the creation of the product. They are perfect vegan candles in a marketplace that tries to deceive people as to the origin of the materials included. If you are a vegan or are looking to buy candles as a gift for a vegan, then Bijou candles are the perfect option for an ethical product.


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