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Bossbabe Stories: Rebecca-Louise


Fitness guru Rebecca Louise running on beach

Being fit doesn't have to be so daunting especially when you religiously follow fitness guru, Rebecca-Louise. With over millions of viewers on YouTube, Rebecca is your go-to gal when you're just in need of that extra push without feeling completely out of breath.

Want killer abs and a rockin’ body like Kendall Jenner or Miley Cyrus? You best believe you can with Rebecca-Louise’s celebrity-inspired workouts.

This fearless all-star has quickly made it to our "favorites" list due to her charisma, her side-kick dog Alphie, and her irresistible English accent — which, let’s face it, we simply find too adorable. See what Rebecca had to say about her fitness journey... and her tips along the way!

Name: Rebecca-Louise

Age: 28

Education: Licensed Pilot for Commercial Aircraft

What made you decide to get into fitness?

I have always been in every sports team when I was at school, often being the captain. After school, my brother and I would play hockey, football or dance practice. I also have a passion for presenting and when I started doing fitness videos, the two came very naturally so it was the perfect combination!

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love mint M&M's. They are hands-down my favorite snacks and I'm never content with the smaller packs. I always go for the family size! It's a good thing that they are hard to find!

Tell us how it all started. How did you get your social media channels to grow so organically?

When I started filming on YouTube, I never set out to be a "YouTuber." I simply started just to help other people get results. The other social media platforms were a great way to show more about my life, and not just how I exercise. It also gives me the ability to share my on not just fitness, but also life.

What makes you different from other fitness inspirations?

I am far away from your standard fitness inspiration because I have a personal approach when it comes to my fans. When they get started on my nutrition plans, it's one-on-one coaching with me or one of my team members. The plans are also customized to the individual. We are all different so I do not believe that "one size fits all." I also give people the opportunity to have a career similar to mine. "Team Fearless" was a concept I created with my team members to inspire women all over the world to be independent, support each other and have a strong community.

Fitness star Rebecca Louise doing yoga poses

What is your favorite workout routine?

I love working out my abs and constantly testing my balance.

How do you find time to relax?

That is a great question. The most I can relax for is one hour. Maybe I'll  occasionally pop in a movie with Alphie but then I get fired up to work on my next workout video, talk to a new fan or have a call with my team. Relaxing actually sometimes makes me more stressed!

What is your idea of a healthy, balanced meal?

Every morning I start off with a simple shake (that's included in my nutrition plan). It's packed full of nutrients, helps keep me in shape, and tastes wonderful! For my main meals, I always make sure I include lean protein and a handful of veggies. If I have to train hard for a day, I'll have some complex carbs.

What's your advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business like yours?

I help my team create their own brand and it's amazing to watch them grow. My biggest advice would be to find something you are completely passionate about and share it. The other key part to success is consistency and not giving up even in tough times.

Favorite food:

Sushi and M&Ms

Coffee or Tea:

My herbal concentrate tea from my nutrition plan — I cannot live without it!

Your motto:

"I'm not here to let you quit."

About the writer:

A California girl at heart, Tanya is a fashion writer
who shares her love for all things pretty and pink.


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