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Bossbabe Stories: Stone Fox Swim


As the innovator and creator behind Stone Fox Swim, Chelsea Bell is an ambitious California-native who started her own bikini brand in 2011. Her line is described as “inspired by the beer and bonfire girl, by sunkissed summer days and sandy toes.” With the brand’s growing success, Chelsea decided to expand her skills by diving into the world of activewear which brought the birth of “Stone Fox Sweat” to existence.

We caught up with Chelsea to see what she had to say about her road to success.

Name: Chelsea Bell
Age: 29
Education: BA in Business Management and Community Development from California State University, Monterey Bay

What is your professional background?
No fashion school. I started designing bikinis at the age of 24 and never looked back. I just pounded the pavement and did a lot of Googling and here we are today!

When did you first realize that you were meant to start a swim company?
It was on a trip to Tahiti where I spent a whole month there, and that’s when it hit me. I came back feeling more inspired than ever and then Stone Fox Swim was born.

Where do you get your inspirations from?

What’s your idea of relaxing?
Spending time at the beach with my headphones on and eyes closed.

Word of advice for other aspiring female entrepreneurs:
It won’t be easy, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The success you will experience is every second of hard work that you’ve put in the past and will continue to put in going forward so don’t give up!

Favorite pieces from your lines:
The Tucker Bottom and the Isla Top are my go-to’s because I cannot compromise those teeny tiny tan lines that I’ve been working on so hard all these years.

Favorite vacation spot:
Moorea, Tahiti

Life Motto:
“It is one thing to study war and another to live the warrior’s life.” This quote can be applied to so many things!

Learn more about Stone Fox Swim and shop their drool-worthy collections here.

About the writer:

A California girl at heart, Tanya is a fashion writer
who shares her love for all things pretty and pink.


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