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Mother’s Day Candle Gift Guide


Bijou Flower Power Set

Not sure what to get for Mom this Mother’s Day? Candles are always a good gift idea! There are few things more widely well-received than a chic, well-crafted candle. Bijou candles definitely check off all the boxes. They are hand-poured, made from 100% soy, feature luxurious scents and burn for 70 hours. Best yet, they are pretty! With a 22k gold rim and a white glass that glows a warm pink when lit, this candle will surely make Mom feel special.

Which Bijou is perfect for your Mom?

Sweet & Spicy

Does your Mom love the warm allure of baked goods? Maybe she comes to life during the Fall and Winter months and craves all things cozy. If this sounds like your Momma, then give her our drop dead delicious Judy · Cornbread & Maple Butter candle. Golden corn, almond flour, and a dash of orange essence are baked to perfection. Once slathered in dark amber maple syrup and sweet cream butter, this decadent combination is so perfectly mouthwatering, you'll be tempted to taste it.

Other sweet delights: Try our Greta · Bourbon & Vanilla candle!

Fresh & Floral

Does your Mom love to garden? Maybe she loves having fresh flowers in the house or spends her downtime sipping wine on the patio. We think flowers are best enjoyed in a bouquet and have created the perfect floral set for Mom. Gift her our Flower Power Set and she will forget all about last year's delivery of a dozen roses. Featuring our best selling floral candles, this set has all of our botanical favorites, Peonies, Lilies, and Tuberose to name a few!

Woodsy & Herbal

Is Mom more of the Earthy type? Maybe she loves a stroll in the woods or some relaxing spa time. Is her drink of choice a cup of herbal tea? Wrap up our Lena · Lavender & Chamomile candle and bring the spa to her. Classic lavender harmonizes perfectly with earthy chamomile. A subtle note of smoke makes this calming scent one for the ages.

Other woodsy gems: Try our Ingrid · Pine & Balsam candle!

No matter what you pick, if it’s coming from you, it’s the thought that counts with Mom. To be on the safe side, a luxury scented candle (for only $29!) will definitely elicit the “Oh Wow!” reaction!

Check out all of our luxury scented candles here!


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