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The Benefits of Soy Candles


The Benefits of Soy Candles

Burning a candle can be a fantastic and relaxing experience. However, regular candles, usually referred to as soy-blend candles, use a combination of soy and paraffin, an oil-based wax. You can have a much better experience using 100% pure soy candles. Why are soy candles superior to regular candles? This article will give you a better understanding of the full range of benefits that soy candles can offer.

As you might have guessed from the name, soy candles are made entirely from soybeans. This substance is readily available and farmed throughout the world. Unlike regular candles, it is also entirely renewable and there are no associated health risks to be found when burning it. Soybean is also completely biodegradable, which makes a purchase of a soy candle environmentally friendly.

A common question that’s usually asked is, “Are soy candles safe?” The answer is yes. Soy candles have no health risks, because the burn from a soy candle is much cleaner than from a regular candle. The amount of soot released is minimal when compared with the relatively large amount produced from a regular candle. Soy candles are completely non-toxic, so you don't need to worry about any toxins being released while the candle is burning. The burn time is also significantly longer than regular candles, which means you get more value for your money. The slower burning time means you won’t have to purchase new candles as often.

There are a range of soy candles available on the market, but what really makes Bijou stand out, is its commitment to using 100% natural soy. There are no added chemicals, preservatives, or toxic ingredients in Bijou candles. You can be confident about using these candles without the fear of breathing in any harmful substances. Bijou candles are exclusively produced in the USA so you can be assured about the high quality production. Furthermore, USA-made soybeans are a great way to support American farming.

Soy candles also tend to have much stronger scents that last for a longer period of time. The amount of fragrance released by Bijou Candles is astounding and it can really set the atmosphere of a room. Regular candles often leave much to be desired with their scents which aren’t as strong or as long lasting. Bijou candles have popular scents that remain in the room for a long period of time. This is perfect for having a luxurious, relaxing experience that doesn’t have to be cut short because of a weak scent.

Bijou offers 9 different scents that are inspired by and named after famous Old Hollywood actresses. This makes them much more personal than other generic brands. If you are looking for unique soy candles that have great smelling, popular scents, then Bijou candles offer the best option.

If you value your health and enjoy a luxurious candle burning experience, then purchasing a Bijou candle is the best decision you can make. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, Bijou candles are the obvious choice for premium soy candles.


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