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Audrey · Pink Bellini Soy Travel Candle Gift

Champagne · Girl Power · Lip Gloss · The Coolest Sunglasses

Bette · Rose & Berries Soy Travel Candle Gift

Garden Parties · Hazy Summers · Pitchers Of Sangria

Ingrid · Pine & Balsam Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Crackling Fireplace · The First Snowfall · Watching Home Alone Again · Weekends At The Cabin

Claudette · White Petals Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Fresh Hotel Bathrobe · Extra Pillows · Sunsets

Ava · Smoky Fruits Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Parisian Pied-a-terre · Romance Novels · That Little Black Dress

Judy · Cornbread & Maple Butter Soy Travel Candle Gift

Fluffy Slippers · Grandma's Kitchen · Puppy Cuddles · That Pancake Bite With All The Butter On It

Lucille · Spiced Orange Travel Candle Gift

Apres Ski · Cable Knit Sweaters · Sipping Mulled Wine

Halloween Inspiration: Which Iconic Coven Heroine Are You?

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to finalize our costumes for all the upcoming spooky soirees. Whether you are a DIY costume aficionado or thrift store salvager, thinking of a great costume that hasn’t been overdone can be difficult.

Pulling inspiration from our very own Coven Collection, we have created a quiz to help determine which iconic heroine you are and should dress as this Halloween!

While you can’t go wrong with any of our Coven Collection babes, comment below and let us know your results!

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