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Lena · Lavender & Chamomile Soy Travel Candle Gift

Claw Foot Tubs · Sleeping In · Spa Days

Audrey · Pink Bellini Soy Travel Candle Gift

Champagne · Girl Power · Lip Gloss · The Coolest Sunglasses

Judy · Cornbread & Maple Butter Soy Travel Candle Gift

Fluffy Slippers · Grandma's Kitchen · Puppy Cuddles · That Pancake Bite With All The Butter On It

Bette · Rose & Berries Soy Travel Candle Gift

Garden Parties · Hazy Summers · Pitchers Of Sangria

Ava · Smoky Fruits Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Parisian Pied-a-terre · Romance Novels · That Little Black Dress

Ingrid · Pine & Balsam Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Crackling Fireplace · The First Snowfall · Watching Home Alone Again · Weekends At The Cabin

Claudette · White Petals Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Fresh Hotel Bathrobe · Extra Pillows · Sunsets

Lucille · Spiced Orange Travel Candle Gift

Apres Ski · Cable Knit Sweaters · Sipping Mulled Wine

Hedy · Ambre & Tubereuse Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Perfectly Messy Bun · Fancy Lingerie · Long Weekends

Here For The Holidays: Introducing Bijou Gift Sets

It’s officially that time of year and the Holiday Season is upon us! Some may say that it’s too early, while others had their holiday decor up at 12:01 AM, November 1st.  No matter if you believe that holiday music shouldn’t be played until after Thanksgiving or if you’re bopping to Wham’s “Last Christmas” in July (always acceptable, in our opinion), it’s never too early to begin checking off the gifts on your list!

From family and friends to Secret Santa and White Elephant gifts, you can’t go wrong with giftable bundles suited for everyone on your list. This holiday, celebrate the season by giving scents of the season with Bijou’s new gift sets. Each set comes wrapped in a resuable fabric bag and features giftables to enhance any shelfie or vanity. 

Starlets Signature Gift Set - $39

This candle gift set comes complete with a signature size Starlet Candle of your choice, a gorgeous rose quartz crystal point (a symbol of unconditional love, compassion and peace) and large decorative matchbox with festive gold foil.

Starlets Travel Gift Set - $37

This candle gift set is perfect for the world traveler on your list. Not only is it made to go wherever your wanderlust adventures take you, it’s the just the right size for holiday travelers. Choose a travel set of three Starlets paired with a rose quartz crystal point and our large decorative matchbox. From the Classics to Festive Faves, there’s travel set suited for everyone on your list.

Candle Coven Signature Gift Set - $39

Check off everything on your witchlist. This gift set comes complete with a signature size Coven Candle of your choice, a rose quartz crystal point (give us all the good vibes!) and our large decorative matchbox all wrapped up in our Bijou bag. This gift has just enough magic to summon all the holiday cheer.

Candle Coven Travel Gift Set - $37

Perfect for the witchy wanderluster. This set comes with the Candle Coven Travel Set, a rose quartz crystal point and our decorative large matchbox, all wrapped up to go with our beautiful reusable Bijou bag. This little bag of magic is easy to put in an overhead bin or pack on your broomstick.

Candle Coven Votive Gift Set - $59

Light up the holidays with some magic. This witchy gift set comes with the Candle Coven Votive Setfeaturing Hermione, Sabrina and Willowpaired with a sleek matte black wick trimmer and gold foil decorative matchbox.

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