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Audrey · Pink Bellini Soy Travel Candle Gift

Champagne · Girl Power · Lip Gloss · The Coolest Sunglasses

Bette · Rose & Berries Soy Travel Candle Gift

Garden Parties · Hazy Summers · Pitchers Of Sangria

Ingrid · Pine & Balsam Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Crackling Fireplace · The First Snowfall · Watching Home Alone Again · Weekends At The Cabin

Claudette · White Petals Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Fresh Hotel Bathrobe · Extra Pillows · Sunsets

Ava · Smoky Fruits Soy Travel Candle Gift

A Parisian Pied-a-terre · Romance Novels · That Little Black Dress

Judy · Cornbread & Maple Butter Soy Travel Candle Gift

Fluffy Slippers · Grandma's Kitchen · Puppy Cuddles · That Pancake Bite With All The Butter On It

Lucille · Spiced Orange Travel Candle Gift

Apres Ski · Cable Knit Sweaters · Sipping Mulled Wine


We add a little magic into each and every one of our fragrances. Get spellbound by your new favorite scents.
Image: hermione · Cedar & Thyme Soy Candle
Cedar & Thyme Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: sabrina · Patchouli & Bergamot Soy Candle
Patchouli & Bergamot Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: willow · Palo Santo Soy Candle
Palo Santo Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: Lena · Lavender & Chamomile Soy Candle
Lavender & Chamomile Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: Bette · Rose & Berries Soy Candle
Rose & Berries Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: Ava · Smoky Fruits Soy Candle
Smoky Fruits Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: Lucille · Spiced Orange Soy Candle
Spiced Orange Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00
Image: Judy · Cornbread & Maple Butter Soy Candle
Cornbread & Maple Butter Soy Candle
Regular price $29.00