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Claudette · White Petals · 10.5oz Candle


$ 29.00

Bright lily, pure jasmine and sensual tuberose are woven together with heady vanilla and deep musk—creating a devastating, lingering scent that none of us can resist.

Scent notes: extra pillows, sunsets, a fresh hotel bathrobe

Why should you spend an outrageous amount of money to experience a delicious candle? That’s not how we operate here at Bijou. Enjoy the feeling of luxury that comes with our soy candles. Take one whiff of our Claudette - White Petals candle and you’ll know what we mean.

Our candles are made entirely in the USA from whiff to wrap and wick to wax. Our wax is 100 percent soy, and our wicks are made from pure cotton. Since they’re soy based candles, they burn three times longer than their paraffin counterparts. The USA-made glass candle vessel allows you to place this candle wherever you want, anywhere around your house. The 22-karat gold rim on the vessel adds yet another touch of luxury. For the cleanest burn, trim the wicks and enjoy responsibly.

70-hour burn time
10.5 ounces
22-karat gold rimmed vessel
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