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Candle Coven Cap


Rose & Berries Soy Candle

Regular price $ 29.00 Sale


Muddled summer berries and sweet black currant draw you in. The lingering scent of freshly cut roses leaves you longing for more.

  • 70-hour burn time
  • 10.5 ounces
  • 22-karat gold rimmed vessel

Scent notes

Garden Parties
Hazy Summers
Pitchers Of Sangria
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The Bijou difference

100% soy wax

Our candles are hand poured with 100% soy wax. This gives our candles a longer life, a cleaner burn and stronger scents.

Extra long burn time

With hours of burn time, our candles are made to be burned, not sit around and wait for a special occasion.

Curated scents

With our carefully curated fragrances, you'll notice different scent elements floating in to give you a well-rounded aromatic experience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Lovely Summer Day

This scent is so blissfully lovely, I desperately tried to savor it as much as possible by lighting it only during moments I need a little uplifting or relaxing scent. It’s so beautiful and powerfully strong as well. I can’t wait till it comes back!

Bette Candle

I absolutely love this scent. I'm also a huge fan of the lightness of the fragrance. I can enjoy the candle on my nightstand and not be overwhelmed with fragrance, just the perfect amount!

Great quality

A lot of love goes into these candles and you can tell. It came packaged so thoughtfully with pink bubble wrap and everything was perfectly in place. It also came with a small tea candle sampling another scent.

This scent smells amazing- accurately described and I love burning it in my apartment.

Best Candles

I can’t say enough about these candles. This is the second scent I’ve bought in less than 2 weeks. I bought 2 Bette scents one for me and one for my mom and now she’s hooked. I love that they send you another scent to check out with each purchase. The candles are beautifully made and burn amazing.

Sweet Floral Heaven

I recently received this as a tea light sample in an order of larger candles and can I saw wow! I cannot wait to order this in the regular size. This is the best fruity floral candle I have ever smelled. I normally do not gravitate towards berries and florals but this just knocked my socks off. I can definitely smell a tartness in the berries, and I certainly pick up the roses smell. However, this isn't your grandma's roses smell, but a fresh, realistic modern take on a rose garden on a summer's evening. I highly recommend this one and if you aren't drawn to florals, take a chance on this one and buy it! It's totally worth it and the price is just right.