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Lucille · Spiced Orange Travel Candle Gift

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Glow Your Own Way Matchbox

Glow Your Own Way Matchbox

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Glow Your Own Way! These super long matches feature a matte black cigar box design with gold foil stars. Perfect for lighting our signature candles or giving a gift with positive vibes.

  • 4.5in x 2.5in matchbox
  • 55 extra long matches

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The Bijou difference

100% soy wax

Our candles are hand poured with 100% soy wax. This gives our candles a longer life, a cleaner burn and stronger scents.

Curated Scents

With our carefully curated fragrances, you'll notice different scent elements floating in to give you a well-rounded aromatic experience.

The Cleanest Burn

We use cotton wicks so that our candles burn cleanly, evenly and safely. No tunneling or wasted wax here.