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The Chanteuses

Votive Set

Get serenaded by the sultry scents of The Chanteuses. Each set includes Votive Candles of Billie, Ella and Sarah. 

Billie • Vanilla & Embers

A woodsy scale – fresh pine, warm cedar and creamy sandalwood. A note of smoke. A glass of bourbon. The perfect cadence of rich vanilla bean.

Ella • Chestnut & Sage

A ballad of sweet roasted chestnuts with back up by herbal sage. A trill of smoky bourbon and creamy vanilla. The rhythm of sweet almond and cinnamon. Accompaniment by warm amber and oud.

Sarah • Ginger & Clove

A melodic intro of satsuma, lime and lemon balm. Fresh ginger harmonizes with soothing eucalyptus. Finished with a velvety chorus of spicy clove and coriander.

  • 50-hour burn time
  • 6.5 ounces
  • 100% soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Votive Candles - The Chanteuses
Votive Candles - The Chanteuses

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Perfectly Blended Scents

With our carefully curated fragrances, you'll notice different scent elements floating in to give you a well-rounded aromatic experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Love these

Love these candles, the Sarah candle is the best scent ever

Perfect for winter

Best smelling trio around. One of my favorite things about the cold winter months is the return of the Chanteuses. Perfect set!

Amity Bryson
The Chanteuses SING!

These three candles work so nicely together—the scents represent the energy of three amazing women, but blend in sweet harmony. I thought I just wanted one, but I’m so glad I purchased the trio!

Jessica Justice
Second round of lounge goodness

Perfect moody evening trio.


Bijou does it again! I can't pick my favorite of the trio - they are all amazing! Billie is soooo good for the holidays - I get "chestnuts roasting on the open fire" vibes. It's sweet and warm. Sarah smells just as described - ginger and clove. Fresh yet spicy. Billie is quite lovely as well, it smells like smokey vanilla. I think this set is great for fall/winter. Buy this!

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