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The Vamps
Votive Set

Get caught in the web of The Vamps. Each set includes Votive Candles of Elvira, Morticia and Vampira. 

Elvira • Poison Apple

The irresistible bite of a blood-red apple. An intoxicating bouquet of sweet violets and jasmine. The forbidden fruit of mashed black currants. The earthy aroma from a mysterious leather bound book. This is no ordinary apple...

Morticia • Black Rose & Thorns

The velvety perfume of rose petals mingles with plush peony. A sharp bite of mandarin essence. The allure of warm amber and sensual musk draws you closer. Beware the thorns...

Vampira • Deadly Nightshade

The dripping juice of blood orange and black plum. The lingering cologne of rose and musk. The mysterious sweetness of blackberries. The ghostly incense of patchouli. A whisper of someone there?

  • 50-hour burn time
  • 6.5 ounces
  • 100% soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Vegan & cruelty-free
Votive Candles - The Vamps
Votive Candles - The Vamps

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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Love these

Perfect for my year round spooky vibes!

Elizabeth Craney
A True Delight

For a while now Vampira has been my go-to and I was always curious about her vampy sisters, but was always hesitant to order. I'm usually not a florally, fruity scent type, but Vampira's description also wasn't my normal "type" so I finally gave them a go and I am SO happy with them! They are perfect for spooky season, but also would be a great trio to burn year round. They're just interesting! Floral and fruity, but interesting. These candles are amazing! For people trying to decide if they would like Elvira (I was very skeptical with it being an apple scent), my roommates both said it instantly reminded them of that DKNY delicious scent that everyone wore in like 2008? Not your average apple scent! I LOVE the Vamps!!


okay, i won't lie, i really wasn't sure i'd like these. but I AM OBSESSED. they are each so uniquely scented, and smell like your favorite aunt's expensive perfume in the best way possible. they're elegant, one of a kind, and sexy just like their namesakes. vamps is a repeat buy for sure!!

Howard Carson
...they arrived how fast?

I bought these for a dear friend as part of a "Here, Pamper Yourself" gift. They arrived faster than I could have guessed. She set them up immediately and loved them from first flame.

Matthew J. Samuel
Vamps scents

Soo good and spooktackular for Halloween. Well done Lady’s. Blessed Be.

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