Vamps Candle Set
Vamps Candle Set
Vamps Candle Set

Vamps Candle Set

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Get caught in the web of The Vamps and share an evening with the mistresses of darkness. We created the perfect long lasting candle set inspired by Vampira, Morticia, and Elvira. Experience the intoxicating aromas of deadly nightshade, black rose & thorns, and poison apple scented candles.

Elvira • Poison Apple

The irresistible bite of a blood-red apple. An intoxicating bouquet of sweet violets and jasmine. The forbidden fruit of mashed black currants. The earthy aroma from a mysterious leather bound book. This is no ordinary apple...

Morticia • Black Rose & Thorns

The velvety perfume of rose petals mingles with plush peony. A sharp bite of mandarin essence. The allure of warm amber and sensual musk draws you closer. Beware the thorns...

Vampira • Deadly Nightshade

The dripping juice of blood orange and black plum. The lingering cologne of rose and musk. The mysterious sweetness of blackberries. The ghostly incense of patchouli. A whisper of someone there?


Each set includes Candles of Elvira, Morticia and Vampira.

Customer Reviews

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Vamps And Charmed Candles

Absolutely LOVED these sets! They’re perfect to use as decor for this time of year and they smell so good!

Brielle Edborg

All 3 of these candles smell divine. And I love when you don’t even need to light a candle for it’s scent to fill the room. Such great quality.

Elizabeth C
J'obsessed with the VAMPS

Vampira is my year round go-to, but come spooky season, this trio is a must-have! I'm not typically into super sweet scents, but Elvira is actually the perfect blend for a sweeter fall smell, and Morticia is *chef's kiss* somehow the absolute yummiest, most unexpected scent.


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