Holiday Travel Hacks: Arrival to Departure Packing Essentials

Holiday Travel Hacks: Arrival to Departure Packing Essentials

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With the holidays in full swing, it’s time to start preparing for the busiest travel season of the year. From planning holiday outfits to packing the perfect presents, the holidays can be a stressful time.

Whether you are headed to the beach, the slopes, away with friends or off on a romantic holiday, it’s time to start making your list and checking it twice. We put together some of our favorite travel essentials that we cannot leave without!

1. Loungewear Set

From long layovers and road trips to days spent binge watching a new show on Netflix, traveling during the holidays calls for a versatile uniform that is both chic and comfortable. A new favorite of ours is the Everywhere Top and Pant from Summersalt’s Travelwear collection.

2. Travel Candles

While we all love to travel, sometimes we can miss the atmosphere of being home. Whether you are staying at a hotel or an airbnb, bring the ambiance of your home with your Bijou travel candles. These can easily be taken in your suitcase without risking the overweight charge.

3. Eye Masks

Whether you are traveling in the dehydrating cabin of a plane or taking shifts driving on a cross country road trip, travel can be the  perfect time for self care. Eye masks are the super hero of your beauty self-care arsenal. Keep some eye masks in your carry-on for a quick travel hack and arrive home looking as young as you were when you left for college! We love these Eye Gels by Patchology.

4. Dopp Kit

When curating your travel uniform there are a few pieces to invest in early on, particularly a good Dopp Kit. Finding the perfect vessel for all your travel-size bathroom essentials or knick knacks that don’t have a home, the best bet is to look for something durable that can stand the test of time (and is waterproof!). Our favorite is the nylon Dopp Kit from Away that you can mix and match with your other travel gear.

5. Blanket Scarf

One of our favorite things to pack while traveling is a blanket scarf. Many of the blankets handed out on planes are not washed and crawling with germs. Accessorizing with a blanket scarves is not only a way to travel in style, it can serve as a comfortable wrap at 3,000 feet. This Teddy Scarf from Urban Outfitters does the trick!

6. Sound Canceling Headphones

We have all been there – from the crying baby in the row in front of us to the roar of the engine. Traveling by plane is not fun! One of the best investments we’ve made is in sound-canceling headphones. They are perfect for not only traveling, but for hanging out in a noisy coffee shop and zoning out to finish a last minute project. This set by Bose are perfect because they are wireless and won’t get all tangled up in your travel gear!

7. Lavender Essential Oil

Travel days are the antithesis of relaxing, and as such, can be extremely stressful. Pack a roller of lavender essential oil (or a blend of your own making) in your carry-on and apply to your temples, neck and even wrists as needed. Give Vitruvi a try for a soothing fragrance!

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