What type of wax do you use?
Our wax is made of 100% domestically-grown soy wax. Soy candles produce a long, clean burn. The lower melting point of soy wax prevents tunneling, residue build-up and provides a more fragrant experience than blended waxes. 

What type of wicks do you use?
We use pure cotton wicks which are hand-tied and placed. 

What kind of fragrance oils do you use?
We use a combination of non-toxic natural, essential and synthetic fragrance oils. This blend allows our fragrances to be complex, diverse and consistent from batch to batch. The addition of synthetic oils allows our fine fragrance blends to be vegan, cruelty-free, more sustainable and eco-friendly. All of our fragrance oils are ethically sourced and are not derived from any endangered species of plants or trees. 

Are your candles organic?
Regardless of what some manufacturers may claim, no candle can actually be certified organic. (The solvents used in the hydrogenation process of any natural wax make that physically impossible). That said, our candles are made up of over 90% natural plant-based materials. 

Is there a proper way to burn your candles?
Yes! A candle burn is affected by several factors including size and shape of vessel, wick, fragrance oil, temperature/draft in the room, etc. To achieve the perfect burn, always allow your candle to completely liquefy across the top before blowing it out to avoid tunneling. Before each burn, make sure your wick is trimmed to ¼”. Don’t drop debris, like matches or wick trimmings, into the wax. Don’t place your burning candle on sensitive or uneven surfaces. Discontinue burning your candle when about ½” of wax remains. For more info on candle care, watch our video here.

Can I apply more than one discount code at checkout?
Our online store only accepts one discount code per order. Discount codes cannot be combined with other sale codes or Bijou Rewards codes. 

What is Afterpay and how does it work?
Afterpay lets you make your payment in four installments across six weeks. Payments are easy and there's zero interest. There's no lengthy sign-up process—it's a quick online sign-up with an instant approval decision that gets you back to checkout faster. Just shop bijoucandles.com as usual, then select "Installments by Afterpay" as your payment method at checkout on orders of $35-$1000. For more info, you can visit the Afterpay website for a comprehensive list of FAQs.

Do you offer wholesale?
We do not offer wholesale at this time. 


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