Meet Lucille: The New Holiday Fragrance Joining the Starlets

Meet Lucille: The New Holiday Fragrance Joining the Starlets

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Halloween may have come and gone, and while the Coven Collection candles are still decorating our coffee tables, a new star is bornLucille · Spiced Orange. Things have been brewing at Bijou, and Lucille is the latest addition to the Starlets Collection.

Bijou’s founders Alaina and Jocelyn gave us the lowdown on the inspiration behind Lucille. “We wanted to add a fragrance to the Starlet Collection that celebrated ripe winter citrus and warming holiday spices. We were inspired by mulled wine filled with lots of orange zest, nutmeg and cinnamon and the result is something that is both fresh and comforting.”

Why the name Lucille? “Our moniker choice of Lucille Ball was an easy one!” says Jocelyn. “Her beloved show, I Love Lucy, brought joy and happiness to generations of people. She is a groundbreaking woman whose laundry list of accomplishments not only entertained us and inspired us, but paved the way for countless women who looked up to her. She became the first woman to run a major television studio and was inducted into The National Women’s Hall of Fame for her support of Second Wave Feminism. We hope our homage to this amazing woman helps bring some joy and inspiration to those who light it!”

Lucille’s citrus and spice scent evokes memories of sipping mulled wine, cozying up aprés ski and layering up in super soft cable knit sweaters. These wintry scent notes will hit the spot just as we enter the most wonderful time of the year.

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