The Best of Black Friday: Must Have Bundles and Trios

The Best of Black Friday: Must Have Bundles and Trios

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The countdown to the largest shopping holiday of the year is on! While Black Friday deals and discounts can be tempting, long lines and mobs of shoppers are reason enough to stay home and indulge in a third helping of Thanksgiving dinner. Over here, we much prefer to celebrate the annual shopping holiday from the comfort of our own homes. We literally have the chills imagining all of the deals to be grabbed and gifts to be gifted.

This Black Friday, we're bringing you the best candle bundles and sets that are perfect for gift giving, even if it’s a present under the tree for yourself!

From the Classics to Festive Faves, we created the ultimate bundles that will take you (or your besties) on a scent-filled journey with all your favorite fragrances.

Boudoir Blend • Ava, Bette and Hedy

A bundle of the most bedside worthy fragrances, this set of three features notes of ripe stone fruits, citrusy orange blossom and sweet black currant. This candle set adds a little flair to your nightstand or makeup vanity.

Festive Faves • Judy, Ingrid and Lucille

This candle set features our three most festive scents that will immediately transport you to your favorite holiday memories. From fresh cut pine trees to warm mulling spices, this is the ultimate holiday gift!

Flower Power • Audrey, Claudette and Hedy

Fresh petals, dreamy meadows and overgrown gardensthese floral fragrances are the ultimate trio to bring blossoms into your regularly scheduled garden party.

The Classics • Lena, Greta and Audrey

Some things are classics for a reason. From herbal lavender to smoky bourbon vanilla, bring these leading ladies into your home and add a touch of glamour to your life.

The Candle Coven • Hermione, Sabrina and Willow

Conjure up some magic with the Power of Three. Inspired by the woodsy scents of Salem in the fall, these powerful and nostalgic witches are reminiscent of our favorite magical pulp culture moments.

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