The Best Witchy Bedroom Decor

The Best Witchy Bedroom Decor

Bijou Best Witchy Decor

Spring is around the corner and it has us Spring cleaning and thinking about revamping our bedroom. We love to keep things witchy and chic - here's what's on the list of our favorite witchy bedroom decor. 

These Zodiac Pillows

zodiac pillow

These cotton throw pillows are perfect for amping up the astrology vibes in the bedroom. We love the cotton slub weave finish to add a touch of texture to your bed linens. 

This Plant Pot

black plant pot

Plants are known to help improve air quality and emit negative ions which help to remove dust and bacteria. Negative ions have also been known to increase productivity and overall well being. With this cauldron like plant pot on hand, all you need is some gorgeous greenery to turn your bedroom into a witchy sanctuary. 

This Rug

witchy rug

This rug not only looks magical, but it's completely washable! Now that's truly magic, especially for pet owners. These rugs come in many sizes and have just the right amount of witchiness for those craving 365 days a year of Spooky Season!

These Witchy Candles

bijou candles candle coven witch candles

Keep the good vibes flowing with our most magical candle set. With a sleek black glass jar and gold accents, these candles fit seamlessly into any decor and add a pop of magical flair. Bonus: They will make your bedroom smell spellbinding.  

This Gilded Mirror

gold ornate mirror

This horizontal wall mirror is just perfect for above a headboard. With its ornate, vintage finishes, this mirror brings the witchy aesthetic. Not into gold? This mirror comes in 11 gorgeous colors! 

This Art Blanket

fortune snakes blanket

This art blanket is perfect for tying a witchy bedroom together. Drape this gorgeous design over your bed or hang it like a wall tapestry for the ultimate magical effect. 


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