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Light and floral, not too overpowering or perfumey.

Witchy & Wonderful

The packaging was beautiful and lighting it after dark made my room just a little bit magical, between the glow and the white sage. Stevie would approve.

Practically Perfect In Every Way!

Fresh, clean, floral, and not overpowering - I loved this candle! It was nicely blended and consistent all the way to the bottom of the candle. As an added bonus, it smelled exactly the way I imagine Dolly herself would smell. Would buy again, 10/10.

Love these

Love these candles, the Sarah candle is the best scent ever

This candle is my FAVORITE 🌲

Perfect, woodsy, earthy, magical. This candle is my signature scent for my home, I seriously can’t get enough - I love that my house smells like walking into a woodland cottage.


One of my new favorite smells and perfect for any time of the year.

The Coven
Abbie Nicoloff

Although all of the scents compliment, they are each unique and worth having all 3. The strength of the scent and the throw are absolutely perfect. These were my first Bijou candles, and I've already ordered more.

The Coven
Renee Riberts
Always buy bijou

I burn candles 3,4 at a time bijou burn longest smell the best and are so totally worth the money!!

Piper • Crystal Incense

Love it!

Not only is this candle beautiful (I got the tall votive style), the scent is lovely and just enough. I was a bit worried it would be overpowering since I can be a bit sensitive, but I was burning it in a pretty small room for hours without a problem.


Absolutely fabulous customer service after first order was lost somewhere in transit. This candle smells INCREDIBLE. Strong and sharp clear fragrance that commands...just like Sioux!!!

The Dynamos!
amelia macdonald

The Dynamos!

Such a calming, clearing scent - LOVELY

This is the nicest candle I've had in a long time. First, I've been a bit sensitive to strong smells, and I can burn this candle for hours with no problem. Second, my husband didn't mind it (he's very scent-sensitive). Two enthusiastic thumbs up!!

The Coven
Tori Dragonfly
These aren't your mom's Yankee Candles!

Holy coven, Batman, these smell amazing!!! They are complex in scent profile without ever being overpowering. 13/10 can't wait to order again!!!!

I’m obsessed!

Claudette is such a clean, lovely and amazing scent. I love her!

Perfect for winter

Best smelling trio around. One of my favorite things about the cold winter months is the return of the Chanteuses. Perfect set!

Love it!

This is a great warm, sweet/spicy scent! The vanilla isn't overpowering and the other scents blend so well together. It is definitely one of my new favorites!

The Coven
Jackie Hyde
The Coven Set

Absolutely love The Coven set. Beautifully made candles with distinctive scents. They came quickly and were very well packaged. Love Bijou Candles!


Gifted to a friend who immediately used and absolutely loved!!! Can’t wait to order again!

70s Icons
Julie Albiani
Buy immediately!

I have been eyeing these for awhile and finally decided to get some and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. They not only smell amazing but they also are absolutely gorgeous. The packaging and branding is also adorable. All around this is beyond worth it and I can’t wait to gift these to all my friends for future holidays/birthdays!!

Divas, Ingenues and Vixens

I am a college professor of music, my specialty is women’s music throughout history. Dolly is a diva, an educator, and a philanthropist—her influence is impossible to overstate. Yet, peach and lily is as soft and kind as her personality with a hint of “punch” just like her! I wish I could burn this candle in my classroom and not just my home!

Dolly • Peach & Lily
Ashley Purcell

Dolly • Peach & Lily

A cozy favorite! The perfect cold weather candle

This is definitely one of my favorite candles! It actually smells like something is baking in an oven! It’s warm and comforting without being that nauseating overly sweet like some big brand candles are. Rich nuttiness, warm spices, balanced sweetness are the perfect combo to make your house cozy during fall and winter. Somewhere between cookies and my moms homemade pecan bread, this candle makes you really feel at home! Also the glass vessel is gorgeous both lit and unlit!

Smells just like cornbread and maple butter!!

This is a family favorite for holidays. It FILLS our large open living area/kitchen with the smell of home baked cornbread with maple syrup. I’m not sure how they did it but it’s decadent!

The Coven
Earthy, seductive, warm

This the first full set I’ve purchased and I am blown away by how well these scents pair together. They are all perfect for the cozy vibes I am going for.

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