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Candle Coven Cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 819 reviews
Amazing candles!

So glad I gifted myself with these. Very helpful and responsive staff. Beautiful presentation and they all smell amazing! I will be gifting many of these candles in the future and will always buy a second set for myself.

Best candle ever

This is my second Bijou candle and I’m just as happy this time around! Many floral scents from major retailers give me really bad headaches, but Bijou candles smell delightful and don’t leave me with a splitting headache. Not to mention they’re simply beautiful and make for lovely decor even when they aren’t being burned. I’ll purchase again and again and again.

Walk in the forest!

Hermione is super woodsy and reminds me of walking through the tall pine trees when I lived in Lake Tahoe. It was my go to holiday candle because it smells like a Christmas tree with hints of vanilla!

A Starlet All on Her Own

I was a bit hesitant to purchase a luxe candle without smelling it first as I can be really sensitive to scent. This is a floral scent that slowly blossoms into the room without being overpowering. The throw is excellent even unlit. So happy with this little purchase!


I have been purchasing candles from Bijou for over a year and Judy is by far my obsession of any candle scent I’ve ever owned/used. I can’t recommend Judy enough. She smells like maple syrup even though a note states cornbread due to the maple syrup it makes your house smell just like pancakes or that you’re baking sweets. Like it says grandmas house it really does. I’m so obsessed I can’t be without Judy when I get close to the end I panic I’ll not get my refill in time before it runs out. I also get Lucille she amazing too but Judy is my obsession for sure. I get so many compliments with every single person who walks in my house and the throw of these candles are like no candle I’ve ever owned they literally smell the entire house up! Must have guys. If you’re on the fence jump off and make the purchase I promise you’ll love Judy.


I’m always leery making a candle purchase online without being able to smell it before hand but a year ago I purchased this one and Judy based on the scent notes and omg am I so glad I did! Lucille smells like fresh cut oranges with vanilla and cinnamon and has the most warm scent ever. These are by far the best candles I’ve ever owned. They last forever, make sure to cut the wick before first use and every use after to make sure it burns even, and look so elegant on any table. I was so excited that Bijou made these bigger makes them last even longer. I get compliments ever single person that walks in my house says they love how it smells and wants to know where I got my candle. I will NEVER purchase candles from anywhere else but Bijou.

Great gift!

I took a chance on Hermione as a Christmas gift for my daughter in law. Doesn’t happen often but I hit the nail on the head! She absolutely loves the scent and is a Coven convert now too!

Love It!

This is a great candle! I love combinations of scents this offers! It's the perfect candle to relax to while taking a bath! :)

A true favorite

This candle is so special - the scent is earthy and rich, and the scent throws strongly throughout the room. Burns cleanly. This candle is one I will buy for years to come!

Excellent trimmer

This is definitely a good piece of equipment for candle care. You can use it to trim the wick and pick up debris out of the candle until you get a wick dipper.

Once, twice, (eventually, I'm sure) three times a winner.

This is my second time buying Hermione, and I'm sure it won't be the last. It truly is a wonderful scent to have as you are toiling away over work, potions, saving the title character in a story over and over again, etc.


This candle smells so good it’s insane.


This candle smells so good i almost kept the one i bought for my sister

Best candle💚💫

I have burned WAY too many candles in my life, but so far this is my favorite. The scent is so pure and rich you can smell it without even lighting the wick. And it burns so long. Love the scent, love the quality, I love this candle!

Love this one!!

I have wanted this candle forever and I was totally bummed when I didn’t get it for Christmas...
So, I decided to spoil myself a bit after the Holidays and am so happy I did!!

Light and airy with a touch of mystical element. It’s like the great Stevie herself danced through the room and left a bit of her magic behind.

I love it!! 💖

Simply the Best!

This is my second set of Bijou candles I’ve ordered and I’ll never personally buy any other candles! It’s almost hard to light them not because I don’t want to finish them, but simply they are so fragrant I don’t even feel the need to burn them! They make any room smell better by just sitting there! 100% love them!

A great scent!

Spiced citrus scents are always hit or miss for me - but Lucille smells amazing! I also appreciate who they've named the candle for, I think it's very suiting.

An amazing candle!

I was so so excited to see that they brought Ingrid back! I had originally gotten a smaller sample candle with my first ever purchase, and I was in love. As soon as I had seen they brought back this candle, in a tall votive to boot, I ordered it right away. Pine and balsam are my favorite scents, and this candle delivers! You will not be disappointed!

Witchy Matches

I bought these to go with a Christmas gift I made for my friends. They were the perfect addition! I kept a box for myself. Great quality!

Bubbly, sparkling, and carefree

The perfect blend of Fruit and Flower. The scent is the best enjoyed while sipping a glass of wine. Great combination of sophistication and chill.

The Icons Tall Votive Set


Bought this to feel some winter vibes in Florida and its wonderful 😊 the orange really comes through too and puts a pleasant twist on the typical pine candle. Its much better than typical!


The packaging. The candle. Every detail was so beautiful. I’m in love!

Pure Heaven!!

Omg I cannot rave enough about this candle. All the descriptions of Sunday morning pancakes are accurate but it’s more than that. There is something so indulgent and warm about this fragrance. Also, bonus, I noticed my jacket that hangs nearby my candle altar is now infused with the scent. When I wear it I catch little whiffs and water at the mouth. 10 out of 10!! Can’t get enough of this candle!!

Great Gift!

Bought these for my sister for Christmas and she LOVES them. They look great and smell amazing.