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This has my all-time favorite quote on it, so what’s not to love?! I like that it’s longer and was debating on which size to get. Ultimately, I’m glad I got a size large because it was longer than I expected (I’m 5’7”, size 10 so that’s not a bad thing!) but because it covers half of my butt, a medium would’ve been snugger than I was comfortable with. The only thing I would change (and this is me being picky) is I wish the shirt was available in multiple shades (or since it features Romy, blue). If it were to also be made available in blue or a different shade, I would snap up a second shirt in a heartbeat (whereas I’m light-skinned with neutral undertones, the baby pink really brought out the redness in my skin). Overall, was a super cute shirt, nice fit and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend!


Some of Bijou’s candles smell just like a sexy lady, and Mariah is def one of those candles. I have this on my desk and I can smell it all day, even when not lit.

She’s the Mary

Perfect scent for a perfect movie character! I will definitely buy this again.

Romy & Michele T-Shirt
Meggie Bailey
If anyone needs to make a call, I’ve gotta phone

Perfection, just like every outfit Romy and Michele wear.


Love this candle- it does a good job filling our large living room with scent-just a hint of sweet with moody overtones- smells great not lit as well!

Stevie Magic!

I absolutely love my Stevie candle, the scent is perfection!

first love 🖤

one of my first bijou purchases and purchased again during the warehouse sale. truly bewitching scent. she will be missed!


lowkey and lovely just like sally 😊💚

Can't have one without the other.

Love them both. Like the characters Sally and Gillian, these candles perfectly compliment one another. Sally's is fresh, floral and elegant, while the Gillie scent is dark, musky and mysterious.

Please never discontinue this scent!

I’ve bought this candle several times now! It smells almost identical to a Voluspa holiday scent (chestnut and vetiver) that has been discontinued for years. I am SO happy to have found this scent! It’s rich and complex. Subtly sweet yet earthy, warm and comforting. Perfect for not just the holidays. I will continue to buy this!!

Smells so good

As soon as I opened the box I knew…the aroma filled the air before lighting -this is the scent!


Beautiful candle and smells perfectly witchy!

Witchy vibes

I have been a long time customer and fan of the Candle Coven. These candles not only smell good but they look great on my altar.

Coven Candle Set
Betty Lorca
Coven set

Hands down my most favorite candles ever!!! I never go without and never will. They smell amazing! I hope they never leave!

Practical magic matches

Super cute packaging!!

Beautiful Candle

One of my new favorites!!

Sally and Gillian

These two candles were exactly what I'd imagine them to be. What the greenhouse smelled like or the upstairs bedroom! Now we need the aunts!!!!!!


Love this scent, perfect for anytime of year! Definitely one of my new favorites

Light, Lovely Scent

This is an instant favorite! The floral scent is light but definitely fills up the room. It reminds me of warm days sipping spritzers.

Elise • Violet Mimosa Candle
Tara Malgieri-Schreiner

This candle has a beautiful feminine smell. I will be perfect for taking a relaxing bath!

Love them!

I ordered six different candles and a Practical Magic Tshirt and I love all of it! I had ordered the Claudette candles before and wanted some more.They were having a sale so I stocked up on a few others. Can't wait to try them all.

Smell Great

This is the second time I’ve ordered candles from Bijou and they have smelled incredible both times!


not usually a vanilla person, but this is it !! love the way the scent fills my small bedroom. perfect addition to a cozy evening in bed. love!

Love the confetti!

The confetti made me smile! Good packaging! Haven’t tried the candles yet. The white musk smells flowery, so I might have to give that one away. The ginger and clove smells just like the soap I make, so I should love that one!

These candles are stunning

They are so beautiful!! I can't stop looking at them. The burn ideally together but Sarah is superior.


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