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It put me in the Halloween mood!

I bought this candle solely for the fact that it is named after one of my favorite characters but I also really enjoyed the scent as well!! Happy I bought two!

The loveliest scent

I love Bijou Candles and this scent really is divine. It’s very feminine. Obsessed.

Dolly • Peach & Lily
Dexter Viator
FABULOUS as always!

I love all three candles from my recent purchase (Dolly, Elyse, and Sabrina). They strike every mood and vibe I want at all
times. Best candle company (and podcast) ever!!


I absolutely love this candle! The scent is smoky but with a rich, almost fruity base. It's perfect for fall and the votive size fills a room. I've had a problem with larger size candles that take too long to create a wax pool when burning; this votive size is absolutely perfect for that. The black matte is also so on brand. Love, love, love.


She hangs in my bedroom cause she's real chill

She smells so warm

She smells like fall but not in a boring pumpkin kind of way

Smells like Cher

This candle smells fantastic, it’s exactly how I think Cher would smell like.

My favorite

I love this scent so much I bought it for a friend as a birthday gift! The packaging and glass design are so pretty too. My favorite candle for sure!

The Vamps
Matthew J. Samuel
Vamps scents

Soo good and spooktackular for Halloween. Well done Lady’s. Blessed Be.


I usually steer clear of rose candles as they are way too flowery. This one is not, it’s not overwhelming or overly fragrant. Perfectly balanced.

Perfect. Feminine.

I love this candle, it smells exactly as I expected. I even move it around my house to accompany me when I change spaces. It’s elegant and delightful.

OMG this candle is amazing!

I can’t get enough of this candle! Fruity, slightly sweet, and smoky undertones. Perfect for spooky season! I can’t wait to burn it all October (and beyond...if it lasts!)

Morticia is DEVINE! ⚘⚘⚘

I LOVE this candle! It's the perfect floral scent. Not too sweet and fills the room nicely! Vampira is my second favorite candle of all time (Whitney is #1) but, this one is DEFINITELY up there! You won't be disappointed! 🕸🕸⚘⚘

Elvira • Poison Apple

Willow • Palo Santo
megan swanson
Cozy and smokey

Bought this to replace a pipe smoke scented candle for our vintage bar and love it. It's cleaner and better quality than the other brand we had and smells like a stately gilded age billiards room.

Smells like fall

Sabrina is our favorite of the coven collection. It’s the perfect musky, earthy fall scent and fills our home with a soft aroma.

The Mystics
Kate Malcolm
The scents are mystical!

Every candle I get from Bijou is a dream. These might be my faves. Enya especially is so delicious. The scents hang around even when the candles aren’t lit. They last for ages. I just love them all.

Perfect Homework Candle

My mom and I love this candle! I will either light it while I’m doing homework or we will light it during dinner! The lemon smell is perfect and vibrant.

Another favorite

All of the Bijou candles are fantastic! This ranks in my top 2 scents.

Hermione • Cedar & Thyme

Cher • Jasmine & Rosewater

Gift for a family member

Family member very happy with gift. Will continue to be your customer. The gift arrived 5 days late, but believe this was a post office problem, not yours. Thank you.

Perfect Mellow Candle

I love it since it’s two of my favorite scents. I love lighting it and curling up with a book.

Gift for family member

My family member was very happy with this gift, and I will continue to shop Bijou Candles. It was not received until 5 days after we were told it would arrive, but believe this is probably a post office problem. Thanks for your nice products.

Comfort Scent

When I first received Greta I didn't think I would like it, but after burning the candle for 15 minutes I loved it 👌. I enjoyed the Vanilla and Bourbon scent it was so comforting and relaxing all I needed was nice glass of fine red wine to go with it. I highly recommend this scent and that glass of wine 🍷😍

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