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Cherry Blossom Dream

I do get the lovespell comparison, but this is nicer. It is sweet, fruity, floral. I like to light it with Romy to mellow it a bit as this one performs very well, or alone as a bathroom candle.


So adorable. I am a sucker for anything practical magic. I couldn’t pass it up

Romy & Michele T-Shirt
Sergine Lefevre
I love pink

Thé Romy shirt and the line 0n the shirt is so iconic and so funny I can’t wait to make a fashion look with it 😍🫶🏽🫶🏽🫶🏽 Thank you coven .

A nostalgic vibe

Love the look of these on display. Each candle in the set has a very different smell to suit all my moods, so it’s hard to pick a favorite! They fill a room with their sweet scents and lit together perform beautifully.


I love the scents and the packaging! Burned together these two are very complimenting. Michele is very bright and fills a room, while Romy is sweet and subtle warming up in the background.


I am obsessed with this scent. Where has this been all my life?? It sweet, it’s smoky, and it’s woodsy. What more can I ask for in a scent? I recommend this scent to everyone, you will not regret it. I only hope this comes back around some day in a bigger size because I know I’m going to go through this one.

The Charmed Candle Set
Meghan Little
Pleasantly surprised ✨

I hadn’t bought a new set since my Sally & Gillian… so it was time for a new one. I was so pleasantly surprised! Ranking order: Piper, Phoebe, Prue - and even better all together. If you close your eyes, you might think you’re in a witchy apothecary.

Charmed T-Shirt
Sergine Lefevre
Im obsessed

I have been a fan of the show charmed since i a pre teen and I still watch it religiously every year and when this collection drop it literally made my heart flutter and my inner child screamed for joy. I am obsessed with my power of 3 T-shirt and I bought it oversized to do a t-shirt dress look and the quality of the shirt feels so good , I cannot wait to wear it soon 🔜.

I loved my purchase

I love my Michele candle 🕯 so cute !

Absolutely Enchanting!

I’m going to have to try the other Charmed candles now, because Phoebe is sweet and smoky and cozy! The notes and overall scent are so elegant and still mysterious. No surprise here, but Phoebe is a new favorite!


This scent is so warm and inviting!! Can’t wait to light it throughout the fall

So good

Love this scent !!! I ordered Phoebe and Piper and I’m obsessed with them both I’m about to order Prue to have the set


The Charmed collection has become my new favorite!!! It is exactly what I want my room to smell like all day everyday!

Perfect citrus scent!

I love all the candles I’ve gotten. This one is perfect for the bathroom. I’m so glad I found this company I can’t wait to see the new collections!


This is the perfect gift for the Siouxsie Sioux fan in your life! I got it for my best friend and he absolutely loves it. Great design and a quality t-shirt.

Sweet and Luxurious!

The Janet candle is wonderful! Sweet and luxurious, it makes any room feel warm and relaxing. Love it!

Love it

The sweetest fragrance very feminine.

Gypsies Tramps YES PLEASE

I have yet to order a candle from Bijou that I didn’t love and this is no exception. I need to get some more before they are gone, as I made that mistake with Stevie! Anywho, this scent is everything I hoped it would be. This beautiful pink glass looks so great anywhere I put it. Makes a perfect gift for anybody and everybody, as this scent is a crowd pleaser. Actually, don’t buy this candle! I want them all.

Soooo good!

OH. MY. GOD, this candle is amazing. My absolute favorite Bijou candle so far, and I have many of them. Mariah has a ton of throw without being cloying, and it's effervescent while still being sophisticated. Highly recommend!

The Charmed Candle Set
Cheree Porter

I have loved all the candles I’ve ordered from this company. It’s fun seeing what new candles are going to come out, I love my house smelling like a metaphysical bookshop!

Smells incredible

Amazing scent, good throw, burns evenly. Great candle.

She’s Everything

Willow is stunning on her own, but she also blends so seamlessly with every single other Bijou candle! Hands down my favorite to add a bit of mystery and intrigue to any other scent profile! Also, the tall candle with the black and gold design adds an elegant and witchy flair to your decor. Obsessed!


Siouxsie is my absolute fave. Spellbound is such a great song! Cats! Lime green! Bijou does it again!!

So cute!

What a fun little add on to go with the Sally & Gillian candles!

Sanderson Witch Museum T-Shirt
Christy Insixiengmai
Super Comfy and Cute!

I love this shirt, it's really comfy! It's so great to have subtle merch from the movie. I get compliments on it every time I wear it out :)


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