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Always a favorite…

Stevie has been my go to candle for a few years now - it really is ethereal and grounding at once and totally my vibe! The throw is wonderful even when unlit, and it is my go to candle for every day solitude, cleansing, or peace. It is floral, with a hint of mystery and magic. I don’t ever want to be without this scent!


I like this one a lot better than the last one. This is more of a true vanilla.

Coven candle lighter it is magik

Anything involving Stevie Nick's is magical had to have this lighter.


Great product! Easy strike and good quality design. I was nervous the wording would rub off but it’s held on! Great for a huge Cher fan like myself.

Absolutely in love


Works 9 to 5

Perfect for any dolly fan

Beautiful and complex

Right out of the box this has a really light cheesecake scent… almost kind of like a funky smell (hard to explain what cream cheese smells like), but really pleasant! I haven’t had a chance to burn this one yet, but as always the Bijou vessels are beautiful and high quality. I imagine this scent will become more complex as it’s burned.

Wand Matches
Kristen R Herbst

The perfect way to light those tall candles!

Candle Coven BIC Lighter
Kristen R Herbst

I’m telling you every time I use this lighter, I feel like such a baddie! 10/10

Great gifts!

Cool and modern! Easy process and shipping! Must buy!

Poly • Sour Candy
Alexandra Crawford

Besides the always amazing candles with the perfect smells and the perfect aesthetic and the perfect everything, the customer service was, dare I say, perfect! Y'all are amazing and went above and beyond. Thank you so much

Pleasant but not what I was expectung

This candle is lovely! I bought it not sure of what to expect with this scent. Right out of the box it has a very fresh floral scent to me. After burning, I definitely get the lemonade scent.
The vessel itself is absolutely beautiful! The glass on Bijou candles is so luxe!!

Golden Girls Candles

Who doesn't enjoy the Golden Girls?

Poly • Sour Candy

Perfect Gift

Smells amazing! It fills the entire room without being overpowering. Incredible quality. Bought it for my boyfriend who’s a huge Kate Bush Fan and it fit his scent profile perfectly. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!

Happy to snag some extras

This candle in incredible. Sweet, punchy and perfect for spring. Very sad these are going into the vault.

Kate Bush, still iconic (even as a candle)

This candle smells interesting (not in a bad way). Just like Kate, she’s ecclectic and hard to pinpoint what exactly you’re experiencing. The smell of this candle is unlike any other candle I’ve ever encountered. It’s earthy but very subtle and goes great with the Enya candle. I definitely suggest those two together.

Smells so fresh

This scent is so light and refreshing. I like to burn it in the morning to wake up!

Beautifully scented

This candle has a lovely light almond cookie scent out of the box that when burned becomes this, intricate, complex scent. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s absolutely lovely. I have a pretty large main floor area and this fills the room well.

A dream!

There’s something about this scent that takes me back to my childhood in the summertime, barefoot in the redwoods!


Did you know sea salt and pink sand had a smell? You do now. This candle is delicious. Buy it now and thank me later!

Kate • Bois de Rose & Ivy

The Coven

It’s so good!

I’ve purchased this candle countless times now. I love the vibe it gives off. Whenever I’ve had it burning and had people over, they comment on how yummy it smells.

The Coven
Beth Reed
The Scents are AMAZING.

My daughter has Bijou candles. After a visit, I fell in love with her candles and purchased my own set. I am in love with mine even more! Highly recommend.

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