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Candle Coven Cap

Customer Reviews

Based on 689 reviews
FaLaLa-ing in love with the Festive Faves!

Holy smokes! I wasn’t sure about buying all three of these scents without knowing if I’d like them, but went with it based on I did the same with the three coven candles and loved all of them. I’m so happy I did. Every candle is uniquely different and smells amazing. Let me start with “Judy” this is like heaven in candle form. The smell of maple syrup and cornbread baking in the oven lingers even when you’re not burning. I legit kept smelling it on myself when I was work and my coworker kept saying “Why does it keep smelling like maple syrup?” Warning it will cause you to want to make pancakes and/or cornbread! Now onto “Ingrid” who smells like the epitome of Christmas spirit. Perfect for the room my Christmas tree is in and keeps that wonderful pine smell going strong! And last but not least there’s “Lucille” which invokes memories of being cuddled up on the couch with a warm mug of orange spiced tea. I love it so much. All are wonderful and bring joy to my home!

So cute!!

The are just the cutest!!


My favorite thing to do is burn two different candles at the same time to get a beautiful blend in my home. I bought Stevie with Greta and they blend beautifully together. Highly recommend.


This is what dreams are made of!! Warm but clean, sweet but spicy. Love love love!!

Best candle

I’m enjoying my candle very much-wonderful fragrance and long lasting-I will be buying again

They'll put a spell on you!

I received this set as a gift and tbh, it's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten. I love each individual scent but the set really compliments each other. I loved the addition of the wand matches just to make it feel even more fancy. They burn very well - strong fragrance and they burn slowly. They also look so amazing on my coffee table - the designs are perfect.

Gorgeously Witchy

I have always loved the look of altar and saint candles. These deliver and I swear they are meant to be burnt together. They smell fab alone, but the fragrance blends into something intoxicating when huddled and lit in unison. I haven’t even used the wand matches yet, they are too precious and honestly these candles are slooooooooow burning!

Stevie · White Sage & Neroli Tall Votive Candle

Awesome scent.

This was the first candle that started it all for me with bijou.. I love the unique scent..Reminiscent of being curled up on the couch in your boyfriend shirt scented with his cologne.❤️❤️ Bring it back soon.

Prettiest Floral Scent!

I got two Claudette travel candles last year for Christmas. The second I burned through both of them and tried to buy a Claudette full-sized candle they sold out! Three emails to Bijou and almost a year later I am ordering a full-sized Claudette! This candle smells amazing and comes at a reasonable price for a luxury candle!

This trio is perfection!

I have never had such quality candles from ANY brand. The scents play so well together, even my boyfriend who is very picky loved each one. These are definitely a winner in my house. No wonder they always sell out. So excited for what’s to come in the future with this brand!

Worth It

An extremely helpful tool- this wick trimmer does the job and does it well. For those of you who have been trying to get by with a pair of craft scissors (like me), look no further.

Love! Perfect for the Holidays

I am in love with this candle!! I usually go for more earthy scents, but this one just felt right for winter. Super cozy vibes all around. My only issue with this candle is that it seems to burn faster than the candles of the coven collection. But, overall, an amazing scent and would definitely repurchase!

Nice but not too strong

The candle has a great scent but isn’t super strong.

Awesome matches

These are perfect for the tall candles - they look so good as well which is a bonus! Love everything about this company - service, quality and friendliness 😊

Peachy and Bright

Bijou candles never disappoints, and this candle is no exception. Dolly is peachy, bright, and absolutely lights up the room. The range of this candle is amazing, you can smell the bright peach notes before even stepping into the room. If you're thinking about buying a candle from this company, do it.

My favorite holiday candle!

Absolutely love this candle. It burns so well and lasts for a very long time. I love the strength of the scent too. It’s just strong enough to perfume an entire room, but is not obnoxiously in your face. The Lucille candle has a lovely orange forward scent that reminds me of mulled cider or spiced wine. A very nice warm and inviting candle to have lit during a holiday party. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a holiday candle to bring that warm holiday glow to your space.

1st time buyer

These are beautiful candles I purchased for my son. They smell wonderful. The quickest ordering and shipping I have ever had ordered Monday they are here Wed.

New Favorites!

I bought these matchsticks to go along with my new candles, and some of the candles i already previously own. I LOVE THEM!!! they are SO EASY to use, I have tiny hands so using torch lighters can be a bit difficult for me to handle due to the safety lock on them, but these long matches are the perfect replacement and they make my life easier! they don't have a sulfur smell which is great. when you put them out, they have a burning wood smell, which honestly, i love the smell of burning wood( i find it super comforting)

Sabrina is amazing

So, when i saw what sabrinas notes were, I HAD TO BUY IT. patchouli is my absolute FAVORITE smell in the entire world!!! AND I LOOOOVE Bergamot!!!! I have Bergamot incenses that I have paired with this candle and OH MY GOOOODDDD, IT IS HEAVENLY. this is my new ' me time' candle. Brew up a hot cup of Earl Grey, burn an incense and light up sabrina and just let go~

About Stevie

So,Stevie nicks has always been an inspiration to me ever since i was little. Joking around how she was my spiritual 'sister' considering her music always ends up playing on the radio whenever I seem to need it most, so when i saw there was a candle inspired by her i obviously had to buy it! The candle is absolutely wonderful, its healing and relaxing and it fills the entire room and its strong but not too powerful. I want multiples of her so badly and cannot wait to buy more.

Perfect Gift!

My girlfriend loves your candles, and so do I! She bought herself the Dolly, so I grabbed Stevie. We only need Cher!

Christmas in a jar!

What a fabulous scent! No need for any other holiday candle when you are taking this one in! Fills the rooms with holiday cheer!

In Love!

This candle smells amazing and the scent filled the room before even being lit! I am a baker, so it makes me so happy to have this scent welcome my guests even on the days that I am not baking. I am obsessed and will definitely be purchasing again!