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Love this candle

I really like the scent. The candle is larger than I thought it would be, which was a nice bonus!

Love it!

This has such a nice, subtle smell. Will probably buy again in the bigger size.

Glow Your Own Way Matchbox

The Best

Burns very nice. Filled up the whole room all by itself.

Love all the rose scents

Every rose scent I've gotten from Bijou is soft and lovely and this one does not disappoint. It fills the room so nicely and the pink glass is really cute

The scent and packaging is so pretty

This scent is so beautiful and the soft pink exterior hood emblem and white interior are so ethereal

My favorite candles EVER!!

I have a bijou candle in every room! They’re my favorite.

Rose is a tricky scent

I usually skip rose scents altogether. Fresh roses have one of my favorite scents in the world, but it's difficult to replicate - most rose fragrance is cloying or overly powdery. I had to give this scent a shot since I've loved everything I've received from Bijou and Morticia did not disappoint. She has the well-roundedness of a freshly-clipped rose - not too sweet, not too green (but green enough). Just perfect. My only complaint is that these jars don't come with lids. They would be so improved if they were protected by lids as they're so beautiful I'd love to have them on display, but as is I'm too afraid for them to collect dust.


This candle, and a couple others arrived all on the same day. It burns great and smells amazing long after the candle is out. I've considered ordering more of the same Elvira scent to put all throughout the house, but the Sabrina and Willow were great too! Definitely recommend these.

Fast shipping/great gift!

I bought this as a gift for a friend - they told me it smells amazing. Shipping was whiplash fast, I'll definitely be ordering from here again!

Probably my favorite flavor

Earthy, gender-neitral scent that improves my mood. The whole Coven collection is my jam!

Subtle, yet pretty!

I personally LOVE the smell of white sage, and this candle perfectly delivers it. It's a 'pretty-smelling' candle, I'd describe it as. Very light, yet a pleasantly noticeable smell in the air. If you're looking for a Stevie candle that's enjoyable, and not overbearing, this is it!

Love this candle! Bought one for myself and had to buy another as a gift for someone

Stevie • White Sage & Neroli

All the vibes!!!

These candles are so good. Dolly is my third purchase from Bijou and there is just something about lighting a candle and letting the lovely fragrance carry you into the vibes of the amazing woman it embodies. I also learn so much from the Candle Coven podcast. I highly recommend these candles!


Beautiful candle, love the scent!!


This is my first Bijou candle and it will definitely not be my last!! The scent is superb, strong but not overwhelming. The only issue I had was getting the candle the evenly burn but nothing a bit of tinfoil can’t fix before extinguishing. Can’t wait to purchase more!

Love the products!

Amazing scents, clean burning too. I love the variety, although the coven collection is my favorite

My Heart’s On Fire for Elvira!

First of all, the shipping on this was so fast! Thank you for that. The jar is gorgeous matte black and I love the way it looks on my table. The scent is truly spectacular! I can’t get enough of Bijou’s products.

The Vamps

I have officially found my all-time favorite candles! Bijou candles smell amazing, are beautifully packaged, and burn well. I love them all so much I truly can’t choose a favorite.

Gypsy Vibes

After a little snafu with with postal service, my package finally arrived and it was so worth the wait. I bought two Stevie votive candles, one for myself and one as a mother's day gift for my mother. We're both massive Stevie Nicks fans and I knew these candles were a must have. I don't think I can properly express just how good this candle smells. It's just so good! It's sweet and soothing and just makes me want to wrap a shawl around my shoulders and dance. If you're thinking about getting this one, do yourself a favor and do it.

More subtle than the others but super lovely

My favorite scent I’ve gotten from bijou but it seems a tad more subtle. I just can’t get enough. Wish it came in a pillar.

Love it

I love the smell and the look of this candle! It looks so good on display and smells amazing as well!

Beautiful trio

Amazing scent throw, they look and smell incredible! This is my second set. I’m obsessed!


This scent is so lovely. While it doesn’t bring to mind the legendary TINA for me, it still smells great. It’s very well balanced. Not too sweet, not too floral. I would definitely buy again.