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Could smell my candles through the package. So happy I finally ordered. I love them.

subtle & pretty

love this one

Loved everything I purchased! My sisters loved thier gifts! Wife loved the 70’s ICON Candles ! Will be buying more!!!!

It was a gift for a friend and she absolutely fell in love with it. The reason I bought this she’s going to the concert to see Stevie Nicks. And she’s a younger woman which surprised me that she was a fan and so am I so we had that connection. I loved the shirt and the design on it was original. It wasn’t ordinary band shirt with the picture of the band and a name had some artistic value,I give five stars!

holy baklava

so sweet & nutty!

Warm and Inviting!

I love this candle. It makes your house smell warm and inviting. A really good candle if you share a space with a man!

Not enough of a strong scent

I’ve always loved bijou candles but this one just didn’t really have a strong noticeable scent.


This is such a lovely candle. It's perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. Light and floral.

So much longer than expected!

It’s the prefect length for most of bijou’s candles!

The best!

I love these candles. They're beautiful to look at and smell amazing.

Love my girl Stevie and I love my new sweatshirt.

So good

I love this candle. It literally smells exactly like what you'd think something called warm leatherette smells like.

You've taken all my money and I'm not even mad

I'm up to my t*ts in Bijou candles and I will not and cannot stop buying them. The scents are not only so inventive, they're also fairly powerful, which I need because I have two stinky pets. They're also just fun collector items for witchy queers who love pop culture. Please do a full Buffy the Vampire Slayer collection! I would literally pee myself.

Nostalgia you wouldn’t find anywhere else

No where would you find Stevie Nicks AND the Practical Magic coven on one piece of clothing—absolute fan conversation sparker every time I wear it. People point it out with such adoration because of these women we hold dear to our sentimental hearts! I’m absolutely in love with your PM and SN collection, thank you Bijou crew. 😭

Always the best

My favorite scent by Bijou! It's strong but subtle. The lighters I got are hilarious too!

So comfy

I bought this sweatshirt for my mom as a gift and I honestly want one for myself also! It’s so cute and the quality is amazing.

Always a favorite

Love the earthy smell of this candle and the long lasting scent. It’s one of my repeat purchases

fun and great scent

who doesn't love Cher? And who wouldn't love this Cher candle!

Wear this all the time

Spellbinding Seduction

Exactly what I imagine The Love Witch (Anna Biller’s 2016 film) smells like. Ironically the lead character, Elaine, looks like Cher and makes scented soaps. This is her potent potion with a captivatingly large throw. Velvety smooth, soapy yet spicy, feminine floral. I’ve never been a patchouli girl but I just upgraded and ordered the votive size.

Holo Baby One More Time

I was unsure out the box. I loved it after lighting. The description is spot on. A combo of a Lancôme Vanilla Juicy Tube, the perfume in a Delia’s catalog, and a yellow lemon jelly pen. What a throwback! I’m feeling flirty and ready for more lipgloss. And the holographic label is everything, sparkling fun for a late night dance party. Moderately large throw.

I'm obsessed with this candle

I love the candle so much.i got it as a gift and the first time I finished it I searched high a low for something similar to no avail. Nothing smells like it. It gives the vibe of burning incense with out actually burning incense. I got a back up just so I never run out.

tried and true

one of my favs that i’ll always go back to. if you like morticia, or even willow or heroine, you’ll love this

Sweet, Fresh, and Fruity!

Siouxsie's Cherry Bomb is a kick ass blend of fresh and fruity scents that when combined with woody undertones make it one of the most unique Bijou candles available. Rock on!

Great job

Your candles are the best!


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