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Smells so good

I don’t normally love floral or sweet scents but this is just so well done and elevated it’s perfect


I'm so glad I finally got to meet Hermione, and experience the full Coven line. This scent is earthy and calming, and was lovely to burn on a recent snowy day.

Order entire sets!

Always look forward to ordering a new set every month. Makes my massage appointments so interesting burning all at once

Mellow Vibes...

So earthy and bright! Love!

Simply The Best

The Tina candle is the perfect candle to get your mind out of the winter blues.
The scent of orchard and musk remind me of getting ready on a summer night to go out with friends-back in the 80's!
Tina was always playing on the CD player "Private Dancer" best album!!!
The candle is a perfect blend of scents for a trip down memory lane.
Bijou Candles are perfect-the scent does not overcome you it creates a atmosphere that lingers long after the candle has been blown out!
Simply The Best!


One of favorite candles. I love lavender. It’s both feminine with the flowers and masculine with the moss and musk. My family thinks it should be the scent of a line of beauty products. I will definitely order this one again.

A favorite

I love this candle. It’s pleasant and easy to live with. If you like flowers and sage, this one is for you.


I loved this scent so much! I hope it comes back and in the tall votive so I can stock up.

Bewitchingly beautiful!!

❤️As Frank Sinatra sings, “Bewitched, bothered and bewildered am I...” In the very best way possible! It’s warm, spooky, spellbinding and really beautiful. Sabrina has cast her spell over my home, for good!🧙🏻‍♀️🧙🏻‍♀️


Smells amazing! 10/10 would recommend.


This was my first time buying these candles and they smell amazing!!!! Totally worth every penny.

My favorite

Smells so good we bought more so all the rooms can smell this good!


I bought the tall votive Stevie candle after seeing several ads on Instagram, and I am so glad I did! The candle is gorgeous, it smells beautiful and was perfectly packaged as well, complete with an adorable matchbook. I will absolutely be back for more candles in the future (most likely another Stevie, because, well, it's Stevie.)

Lovely Long Wand Matches

These matches are perfect for when my tall votive candles are running low. They’ve come in super handy!

Sade Love

The fragrance of this candle is awesome! My sister received Sade for Christmas and I had to have it, too. It was out of stock for awhile, but I was finally able to buy Sade. It’s a very good fragrance. Please keep it in stock! It appears to be quite popular!

Kate • Bois de Rose & Ivy

So earthy and magical

I particularly love the Kate candle and am ordering more now. It has this earthy, grassy smell that makes me want to sing Wuthering Heights at full volume 💜

The best!!!

I absolutely love these candles! I’ll definitely be ordering more!


Best smelling candle I've ever had.


This is my second Bijou candle after Judy. Greta's scent is not as strong but still very good. It's a very light vanilla with a little musk.

so good!!

The Coven

Amazing Amazing Amazing

I bought Tina and Stevie as gifts - they were ready to give straight from the box. Lovely packaging, smells fantastic, and a great visual addition for any aesthetic. So glad I made the purchase!

Great candle

Never disappointed, another great candle