Our Story

Bijou candles create a luxurious experience promoting the beauty of upcycling and DIY. We offer high quality fragrances in refillable, unbreakable resin bases. Swap scents with our Bijou candle refills or repurpose our beautiful Parisian-inspired bases any way you'd like. Bijou is made to fit your lifestyle.

Our Founder

Bijou was dreamt up by New York-based designer and creative director Alaina Young. Inspired by her love of home decor and passion for beautiful things, Alaina created Bijou — a fresh new take on fragrance and home decor. With Bijou, she wanted to make people feel good about themselves and achieve their own version of luxury.

“When people hear ‘luxury’ they think Louis Vuitton or some expensive brand name. But I think ‘modern luxury’ is all about pampering yourself,” says Alaina. “Whatever you do to make yourself feel good. It’s about unapologetically living your life exactly how you want to live it.”

Alaina lives in West Harlem with her wife, who shares the same love for classic French decor, wine, dogs and K-Pop.

Our Vision

Bijou embodies the very essence of modern luxury, femininity and imagination. From the meticulous curation of every scent to the romantic, hand-drawn illustrations and fine details of our packaging, Bijou is there for the entire journey, from start to finish.

Our Candles

In collaboration with an exclusive fragrance house, each collection has been designed to appeal to the senses in perfect harmony. Carefully crafted with finely curated fragrances and an original, silky soy blend wax, our candles are cradled in decorative bowls inspired by 19th century vintage milk-glass vases. Proudly poured in the USA, Bijou candles have a longer, cleaner burn, creating the perfect finishing touch and ambience to any room.

Our Upcycle Mission

Here at Bijou we believe every bit counts, so we specifically crafted our Bijou candle bowls to be too cute to throw away. Made of durable heat-resistant resin, our Bijou bowls are easy to clean, reuse and repurpose. Once the wax burns through, simply pop a Bijou refill into the empty bowl or follow the cleaning instructions to transform your loved candle into an all-purpose decor accent dish, a jewelry catch-all, desk accessory, or anything your heart desires.

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