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Bijou is the moon child of NYC-based married couple Alaina & Jocelyn

As lifelong candle hoarders, we were sick and tired of spending cash on high end candles that seemed too precious to burn. But we did know one thing — those luxury scented candles could change a mood, evoke a feeling, and make you feel damn fancy.

Drawing from Alaina's background in design and Jocelyn's obsession with all things fragrance (a residual effect of spending years as a makeup artist surrounded by high-end perfume counters), we set out to create a line of long lasting, scented candles that are transformative, sumptuous, and most importantly, easy on the wallet.

At Bijou, we are a women-owned and run company whose mission is to constantly inspire and be inspired by women in our lives and throughout history. Our first collection of candles is named after actresses from the Old Hollywood era. In the future, you can count on us to explore different female characters, historical figures, musicians, and artists to inspire future collections. At Bijou our motto is "Women are Magic" and we hope to bring a little magic into your life.

Bijou is the luxury candle habit you can afford to have. No guilt, just amazingly scented, affordable candles that you can use every day. Because everyone deserves to treat themselves, always.

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