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From Wall Street to floral design, read how Bronwen Smith followed her dream career.
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When it comes down to creative floral arrangements and design execution, you can bet on Bronwen Smith to get the job done right.

As founder and lead designer of B Floral, New York's premier floral and event design company, Bronwen works closely with each of her clients by bringing their visions to life — whether it's a media dinner, product launch, wedding shower or a company event.

We had a chance to chat with Bronwen about pursuing her dream career and how she made the switch from Wall Street to floral design.

Name: Bronwen G.P. Smith
Age: 36
Education: B.A. in Economics from Duke University, MS in Sports Business from New York University, Certificate in Hospitality from Cornell University
Title: Owner and Lead Designer of B Floral

Tell us how B Floral came to life.
I originally worked in the world of finance on Wall Street, but quickly realized it wasn’t my true passion. With my business background and nearly a decade of experience in sports and events, I knew that I was built for a career in event design. After exploring my creative side through my floral design training, I was able to blend together all facets of my education and background to start B Floral. It’s amazing to see brands come to life through floral design and artistic elements, and seeing our clients’ visions become reality.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
Each day at B Floral is completely unique! From designing arrangements and installations for our clients to managing our entire business structure, every day is always a great adventure! I love being involved in every aspect of the business, no matter how stressful or challenging.  

Where do you find inspiration?
I’ve always loved entertaining — from throwing small dinner parties for friends to hosting grand birthday parties. There’s no better feeling than putting all of the pieces together to create a terrific event. A lot of my artistic inspiration comes from my travels throughout the world, cultures I’ve encountered and styles that are always evolving.

Bijou Candles | Bronwen Smith of B Floral

What’s your ideal way of relaxing?
Sports are a huge part of my life — whether attending, watching as a fan or playing tennis throughout the summer, I’m involved with sports nearly every day. All sports have exciting highs and lows, which always provides a great escape from the daily grind!

Any tips for fall entertaining and decor?
An on-trend color palette this fall season is jewel tones in hues of purple and magenta. Such rich and inviting colors will accomplish an autumnal theme while providing many options for both your decor and florals. Another go-to tip is using texture throughout your tablescape. Create a natural table runner using a base of moss and add a pop of textured florals throughout for an eye-catching focal point.

Your guilty pleasure:
Escaping to sunshine and warm weather!

Favorite flowers:
Peonies — especially pink ones!

3 items you simply can’t live without:
My tennis racquet
Baxter and Biscuit – my two dogs
My iPhone

Words that you live by:
“Reach for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.” 

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