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Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder of The Style Theory

Meet Lisa Rosado: Founder, Owner, Creative Director of The Style Theory & TST Collective

Meet Jessica Sloane: Event Planner & Designer

Nashville Wedding Planner and Event Designer Jessica Sloane
Your go-to gal for weddings and pretty things.

Meet Chelsea Shukov & Jamie Grobecker: Founders of Sugar Paper

Entrepreneur Stories: Sugar Paper Founders | Bijou Candles BlogWhen two friends decided to start a stationery business, who knew it would get this big?

Meet Cordelia Smith: Founder of Formulary 55

Entrepreneur Stories: Cordelia Smith | Bijou Candles
Formulary 55 founder and CEO reminds us to make every day count.

Meet Chelsea Bell: Founder of Stone Fox Swim

Inspired by the beer and bonfire girl, Stone Fox Swim creator shares her life motto.

Meet Jamie Kutchman Wynne: Founder of Marigold & Grey

What's Jamie Kutchman Wynne's motto? Leap and the net will appear.

Meet Bronwen Smith: Founder of B Floral

Entrepreneur Stories | Bronwen Smith of B Floral
From Wall Street to floral design, read how Bronwen Smith followed her dream career.

Meet Kim Le Pham: Blogger & Entrepreneur

A true multi-tasker and ultimate girl boss.

Meet Stephanie Fasi & Kerry Sutherland: Founders of Speak Wines

Bijou Candles | Entrepreneur Stories: Founders of Speak Wines

A business idea started by two friends (over a glass of wine, of course).

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