Behind The Flame: Meet The Mystics

Behind The Flame: Meet The Mystics

The mystics candles
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We recently launched our newest collection, The Mystics. Featuring candles named after Enya, Kate Bush, and Sade. As we were cooped in NYC earlier this year, during quarantine, we were really itching for some fresh new scents. Visions of lush green fields, breezy mountain tops and sun showers on summer days filled our minds. We knew just the fabulous ladies we wanted to honor with these ethereal inspirations. Let's get into the inspiration behind The Mystics!

Enya • Wild Mint & Lime

This legendary Irish New Age artist (although she would prefer her music to be categorized as "Enya") is known for her feathery layered vocals and fantasy inspired works. She's recorded songs for Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings and has recorded in 10 different languages, including her own made up language called "Loxian." She's Ireland's best-selling solo artist and one of the world's best selling artists of all time, having sold an estimated 75 million records. She's won 4 Grammy awards, 7 World Music Awards and was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Oscar.

Despite all of her award-winning success, her most epic accomplishment, in our opinion, is that she lives alone, by choice, in Manderley Castle with just her cats. This reclusive queen keeps her life private and does not leave any clues about her personal matters in her lyrics, adding to the epic mystery of this mystical siren. 

Star Sign: Taurus 


Kate • Bois de Rose & Ivy

This English singer-songwriter burst onto the scene in 1978, at just 19 years old, with her debut single "Wuthering Heights" and has taken us on an unparalleled artistic journey ever since. Kate's unique soprano vocal style spans octaves in the same phrase, leaving the listener on the edge of their seat. Her experimental music style coupled with unique lyrics, filled with literary allusions, bring the listener into her surreal storytelling. Her inventive stage and video performances have inspired many artists and she is considered the pioneer of modern pop performance. Kate incorporated dance and performance art into her stage productions and was the first artist to use a headset with a wireless microphone.

Kate's most inspiring quality is her ability to be her most authentic self at all times. Most of the subject matter in her works refer to obscure cultural references that, although not popular, are made relevant and interesting by her convictions and self-confidence. Kate keeps her personal life out of the spotlight and retreats for years at a time, only to emerge when she's conjured up more magic.

Star Sign: Leo


Sade • Eucalyptus & Ylang Ylang

This English singer-songwriter, born originally in Nigeria, started her career as a model and fashion designer before forming the band Sade. She secured a record deal with Epic Records in 1983, and following the release of her debut album Diamond Life, was named the best-selling debut ever by a British female vocalist. Sade's unique vocal quality, described as grainy and airy, is instantly recognizable and iconic. She has the ability to vocalize painful, longing lyrics with an air of restraint that reflects realism in a way that no other artist can capture.

Sade is a multi-award winning artist, including 4 Grammys. She was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2002 for services to music, and stated her award was "a great gesture to me and all black women in England." Sade's music has been credited as inspiration by many artists, namely Beyonce and the late, great Aaliyah. Sade lives a very private life in a cottage in the English countryside but still manages to grace us with her excellence having released material as recently as 2018.

Star Sign: Capricorn

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