Behind The Flame: Meet The 80's Icons

Behind The Flame: Meet The 80's Icons

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We recently launched our newest collection, 80s Icons. Featuring candles named after Madonna, Tina Turner and Whitney Houston – this collection features nostalgic, complex scents reminiscent of the time and inspired by their namesakes. Let's get into the inspiration behind The 80s Icons!


Madonna • Pink Pepper & Fig

To say that Madonna is an Icon is an understatement. Known as "The Queen of Pop", this actress, singer and songwriter has been delivering reinvention, versatility, sex positivity, and political statements since the beginning of her career. Madonna truly embodies someone who is not afraid to be themselves. Her unique style and epic pop music have served, and continue to serve, as inspiration for generations of artists.

We wanted Madonna's fragrance to reflect her multifaceted sense of style and personality. Top notes of zesty citrus and spicy pink peppercorn represent her in-your-face pop sensibility. A heart of sweet fig and velvety oud add a sensual element while soothing lavender speaks to her softer side. This fragrance is spicy, sweet and soothing all at the same time. As this candle burns, the different scent notes reinvent themselves to deliver a truly complex experience, just like its' namesake.


Tina • Vanilla Orchid & Musk

The "Queen of Rock and Roll" represents all things iconic. Tina Turner holds 12 Grammy Awards and is one of the only women (in company with Donna Summer), to receive Grammy Awards in all three categories of rock, pop and R&B, as well as a Lifetime Achievement Award. She blends genres seamlessly creating a uniquely recognizable style that simultaneously both powerful and vulnerable. She pushed herself to the forefront of the music industry during a time when Black women were overlooked and marginalized. This unstoppable woman is an absolute powerhouse of pure talent and perseverance. Tina represents "Woman Are Magic" to the highest degree.

Tina's scent needed to embody power, vulnerability, sensuality, and energy. The result is one of our most complex scent blends. Top notes of bergamot and mandarin dance energetically on a heart of sweet vanilla orchid, warming tonka bean, and sexy leather accord. A mellowing base of cinnamon bark and herbal patchouli help to blend the different "genres" of this scent to create a unique, unstoppable scent that never ceases to surprise you. 


Whitney • Freesia & Citrus

Whitney "The Voice" Houston is the most awarded female artist of all time and one of the bestselling recording artists in history. Whitney's iconic voice is untouchable and synonymous with her name. Not only did Whitney top the charts and star in blockbuster films, but she was also a trailblazer for Black artists. Whitney was one of the first Black artists prominently featured on MTV. This visibility was hugely influential and inspired many generations of artists to come. She is credited as  having set the standard for modern R&B and hybridizing pop music. Today's pop artists owe a great deal to Whitney's monumental vocal style and ability, which many try and emulate, but few can hold a candle to. 

Whitney's fragrance needed to be strong, melodic and representative of her iconic entrance into the 80s music video scene. Her fragrance is a throwback to the scents of the time, featuring a chorus of honeyed freesia, tropical plumeria and tart tangerine that harmonize seamlessly together.



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