Pisces Full Moon Ritual

Pisces Full Moon Ritual

full moon ritual

Charge your crystals in the moonlight and get out your candles, it's time for a Full Moon Ritual.

This September full moon falls in Pisces. This watery, mystical sign urges us to listen to our intuition. Full moons are the perfect time to celebrate the completion of a moon cycle and release anything that is standing in the way of our continued growth and manifestation. Pisces naturally psychic energy is here to help us see the clearer picture. Put on your Pisces glasses and get a fresh perspective on the pathway ahead.


Our Full Moon Ritual


Step 1: Cleanse & Release

Full moons are all about releasing and cleansing. We want to remove any negativity and focus our intuition to become more in tune with the moon's energy.

Creating a space filled with positive, inspirational energy can help you turn off the noise and focus on recognizing what's no longer serving you. We're burning The Mystics Collection, which features transformative scent notes of ethereal wild mint, fresh wildflowers, and soothing eucalyptus.

Step 2: Share Your Intentions

After targeting what obstacles might be in your way, it's time to manifest your intentions. Write a letter to the moon affirming what you want to achieve.

Make sure to focus on what you want, not what you don't want. Putting any energy into negatives can sometimes invite them into your space. This kind of like "a self fulfilling prophecy". If you focus on something negative you might be accidentally manifesting it. Try using language like, "I am" or "I welcome" to affirm what it is you want to achieve. For example, "I am ready for change," or "I welcome love and opportunity into my life." You can be more specific than this, but this is the positive language we want to use when attracting things into our lives.

Step 3: Close & Celebrate

Read your letter out loud, send your intentions and blow out your candles. This is symbolic way of closing your ritual. Keep your letter folded up on a windowsill alongside some crystals you want to charge in the moonlight.

To celebrate the full moon and the closing of your ritual, do something that helps you feel released and free. Maybe you like to meditate, read, or take a bath. We're celebrating this full moon by dancing to our Mystics Playlist.

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