How to Design the Perfect Shelfie

July 27 2018

If you look up #shelfie on Instagram you will come across beautiful setups of various potions & lotions, luxe candles, crystals, and fancy jade rollers. Learn how to create the perfect shelfie to bring joy to your space. 

Spring Cleaning Tips

March 23 2018

Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s time for a SPRING CLEANING! Let’s put those sweaters away for next winter, stick those boots in storage, and make your home feel sparkling and new, just like the budding blooms of a new tomorrow!

BYOV: Be Your Own Valentine

February 14 2018

Single/Married/It’s Complicated (I love that movie)? It doesn’t matter! Be your OWN Valentine this year. It doesn’t matter if your with or without, the best kind of love is the kind you show yourself. 

Top 5 Alternative Holiday Movies

December 22 2017

The holidays are fast approaching and the time is right to re-watch all of our holiday movie favorites.