Setting Your New Year's Intentions

Hermione Signature Candle
Every year we make New Year's Resolutions that can sometimes set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. By setting intentions, we set ourselves up for positivity while keeping yourself accountable. Here's how we're getting ourselves ready to make magic in the new year!

1. Set the scene - Get out a pen and paper, light some candles (we're using The Candle Coven Tall Votive Set for their cleansing properties), set out your favorite crystals, and put on some music that makes you happy. 

2. Keep it positive - Intentions should be things you WANT to do. Avoid using words like "don't" and "need". If your goal is to focus on your health, instead of saying "I need to go to the gym 5x a week" say "I intend to practice self care daily."

3. Don't regret the past - Setting intentions for the future is all about moving forward with a positive mindset. Don't think "I did too much of this or not enough that" instead say "I will be more mindful or this and that". This is important so that you don't judge yourself. 

4. Create a vision board - First you write it, then you visualize it. This can be fun to do with a trusted friend or loved one. By bringing someone else into your intentions, you can check in with one another to make sure you are staying on track in the new year. 

5. Set it free - Once you've set your intentions, move on. Remember them as mantras throughout the year and don't be afraid if they evolve as you do. You are constantly growing and changing and your intentions should grow with you. 

Happy New Year, Candle Coven!

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