Tips for Surviving Mercury Retroshade

Tips for Surviving Mercury Retroshade

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Mercury has been retrograde since Halloween, and I think we can all agree that it was a DOOZY. Between the communication breakdowns, technological mishaps and it being an overall jerk, it seems that Mercury going direct today will be a huge relief. But don't breathe too easy, the retroshade has begun. Imagine it like this, the retrograde period was like being at a very long, drama filled mimosa brunch and now we are in the hangover period. All of the chaos created during this "brunch" period will have a resolution for us to work toward during the "hangover", and that starts today. 

Here's how we're navigating the shadow that Mercury in retrograde has cast. 

1. Be Extra Careful

With Thanksgiving approaching, triple check all travel plans, especially ones booked during Mercury retrograde. Get togethers with friends and family could feel tense, practice being non-reactive to avoid any unnecessary tiffs. Focus on what really matters here – pie. 

2. Up Your Self Care

Don't feel like going out? Team #stayathomecoven is right there with you. If a night in with a face mask, a glass of red, and your favorite Bijou Candle sounds preferable to you then please grant yourself permission!

3. Cleanse Your Space

After the hectic filth that is Mercury in retrograde your energy may feel the need for a cleanse. We're loving our Stevie • White Sage & Neroli and Willow • Palo Santo candles for spreading the good vibes and cleansing out any negative energy. 

4. Pace Yourself

The hubbub of the holidays can make you feel anxious and rushed. Take the time to slow down and practice mindfulness. Take a yoga class, read a book or take a long walk. These small acts can help you feel grounded when the energy around you feels frazzled. 

5. Don't Take It On

Sometimes it can feel like it's all piling on. It's important to take a step back and see if something is worth getting worked up over. It can be helpful to look at trying situations as opportunities to thrive and grow. The next time something utterly annoying crosses your path, just say to yourself "I'm not taking it on".  It doesn't define you, and you're strong enough to navigate anything. You got this. 

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