Out Favorite Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Out Favorite Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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The winter months are approaching and it's time for us to stow away our shorts and tanks and bring out cozy sweaters and durable boots. Investing in timeless, good quality pieces can keep you feeling warm and looking fabulous for winters to come. 


1. These Boots

These boots by Blundstone will see you through all kinds of weather for years to come. They feature a slip resistant sole and weatherproof oiled leather. They look super cute with thick socks, skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. 


2. This Sweater

Everlane Teddy Sweater

This Everlane crew neck teddy sweater is equal parts snuggly and cute! It comes in several colors, and at $88 won't break the bank for a high quality wool blend sweater. This sweater would look great with a "french tuck" into some straight leg jeans.


3. This Hat

Carhartt hat

I got this Carhartt hat in in Bright Lime and it has seriously elevated my outwear lewk. It's made from an acrylic knit that keeps you warm outside but isn't stifling if you want to wear it indoors because fashion. This super warm classic is only $14.99 – I may just have to pick up a second color!


4. This Coat

fleece coat

This fleece tailored coat from Uniqlo is essentially like wearing your favorite blanket in public except it's chic af. It has a micro-fleece lining making it super warm. There are few things more comforting than fleece and I am loving all the fashionable ways it's been transformed this season. 


5. These Leggings

These high-waisted, fleece lined leggings from Old Navy saved my legs last year. I pretty much only wear leggings during the work week so I can pop into the gym, receive inventory and pack orders without worrying about ruining my pants. These leggings are supportive and hold everything in and keep you feeling insulated without getting too stuffy. They're a winter MUST have!



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