How To: Witchy Holiday Decor

How To: Witchy Holiday Decor

Once the clock strikes midnight on Halloween there's a shift in the air. Things look a little twinklier, sweaters seem a little cozier, you hear the faint chorus of "fa la la la la" and you suddenly have a real hankering for some gingerbread. BUT you're still in your Halloween costume and you aren't quite ready to give up Spooky Season – congratulations you're a member of the Candle Coven. 

If your holiday vibe is a little more "Nightmare Before Christmas" than "It's a Wonderful Life" then you've come to the right place. We're sharing our favorite witchy holiday decor that will put a little alternative spin on the most wonderful time of the year. We recommend sticking to a monochromatic color palate to help keep things looking chic. For this look we're going with black, white and a metallic. 

This Black Christmas Tree

Christmas, but make it fashion! Wow this tree is absolutely statuesque standing at 7.5" tall and full of lush gorgeous branches. Best yet, this tree is pre-lit and if your anything like me (work smart, not hard!) you like things to be efficient.


This Black Feather Wreath

Maleficent could only! This wreath could legit stay up all year round. It says "I'm festive, but there's a possibility that I will turn you to stone" which we love. We also love the idea of getting a few wreaths in different sizes and making them into a "gallery wall" for an artistic take on a classic.


This White Skull Snowglobe

This is the snowglobe of our dreams. The chic modern base keeps this globe looking high-end while also maintaining its personality (bubbly but dry). This is another gem we'd keep out all year round - and TBH it's looking like 365 holiday decor is in our future. Bonus, this piece would double as a great holiday gift!


These Reindeer

These have to be the definitive "Tim Burton" reindeer. Give Zero a break this year and let these skinty bois do the legwork. These gorge sculptures will have your friends and fam saying " this the MoMA?"


The Candle Coven

There is simply no holiday decor complete without candles. Our Candle Coven is the perfect chic black trio of herbal and woodsy blends topped off with beautiful gold filagree. These babes are also the perfect gift for the witch in your life. 


The Festive Faves

Our ultimate holiday fragrances adorned in art deco inspired gold designs are the perfect spin on the traditional merry and bright goodies. From delicious baked goods, mulling spices, winter citrus, and the most PERFECT pine tree candle – we've go the holidays covered with The Festive Faves. 

Pro-Tip: Mix and match our Tall Votive Candles for a custom holiday look and scent blend!




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