French Pharmacy Favorites

June 22 2018

Bijou French Pharmacie Favorites

The French are known for their all-natural approach to beauty and using simple products found in local pharmacies. Here are the ones we can’t live without!

Skincare Tips from an Esthetician

May 25 2018

Skincare Tips

Skincare can be one of those elusive practices that can seem mysterious and difficult. We turned to our friend Julie, a skincare professional, to help us with all of our burning skincare questions!

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care

April 27 2018

4 Ways to Practice Self-Care | Bijou Candles

From self-care vacations to meditation journals, here are a few tips to give your soul a recharge.

5 Beauty Products to Combat the Cold

January 26 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’d like your skin to stay Summer glow-y and radiant all year round (but without, like, the sweatiness).

6 Easy Tips to Hygge This Winter

November 24 2017

How to Hygge the Sh*t Out of Fall | Bijou CandlesBye, bye fall. Hello, hibernation.