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Our Top 5 Sick Day Essentials

We survived the 365 days of January, but we are still in the thick of sick season. When that first tingle of sickness hits, we all start to down the vitamins, chug water, and get a good night's sleep, but sometimes you need a good ol' fashioned sick day. Here's what we keep on hand to help us focus on getting better when we get caught under the weather. 

1. Cozy PJs - The last thing you want to worry about is getting dressed on a sick day. We love this soft leopard set to add a little touch of glamour.

2. A Big Cup with a Straw - Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Make it easier on yourself by filling up a huge cup with a straw to reduce trips to the kitchen. For some reason a straw makes it easier to drink faster, we love this one!

3. Homeoplasmine - This homeopathic ointment is a winter life saver. From dry cracked lips, a chapped nose, or dry cuticles from washing your hands, this ointment has got you covered. 

4. The Comfiest Blanket - This Barefoot Dreams blanket is truly UNBELIEVABLE. It is so comforting and cozy and will have you snoozing away any cold in no time. 

5. Our Soothing Lena Candle - We bring out Lena • Lavender & Chamomile whenever we need to recuperate. The soothing notes of lavender and the comforting warmth of herbal chamomile fill the air and promote total relaxation.

Most importantly, allow yourself time to rest. It can be really hard to stop and take some time for yourself, but be sure to make your health and wellness a priority. 

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