Candle Care Tips & Tricks

Candle Care Tips & Tricks

Candle Care Tips and Tricks
Getting the most out of your candle requires a little TLC. Here are our tips and tricks to keep your candles burning clean and smelling glorious!

1. Trim your wick. We recommend using a wick trimmer since it creates a nice clean cut that maintains the integrity of the wick. You want your wick to be about ¼” in length before burning. You will want to trim the wick to this size for every subsequent burn. We recommend only trimming wicks on cooled candles, to prevent debris from falling into hot wax.

2. Light your candle. Lighters and matchbooks are great for early burns, but as the candle wax gets lower, we recommend using longer matches to reach the wicks without burning yourself. Our Glow Your Own Way matches are perfect for our Signature Candles and our Wand Matches reach all the way to the bottom of our Tall Votives

3. Keep your candle free of debris. Use the Wick Dipper from our Candle Care Kit to keep your candle clean. After you extinguish your candle, use the Wick Dipper to carefully scoop out any pieces of wick or matches that may have fallen into the wax pool.

4. Don't blow it! Extinguish your candle by using a Wick Dipper or a Candle Snuffer from our Candle Care Kit. If your wick seems a little short and doesn't seem long enough to trim, we recommend using the Wick Dipper to dip the wick into the wax to put out the flame. This helps to condition the wick and keep it strong for subsequent burns. Alternatively, you can use the Candle Snuffer to quickly extinguish the flame without too much smoke. 

Want to learn more tips and tricks? Check out our blogs on Candle Care 101 here and Candle Care 201 here.

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