Wand Matches

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Extras - Wand Matches
Extras - Wand Matches

Abracadabra! There's no wick that these extra long matches can't reach. Featuring a gold foil star design on a Bijou pink cigar box, you'll be making magic with each flick of the wand. These matches pair perfectly with our Tall Votive Candles.

Please note: Due to federal regulations, matches cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous USA. 

  • 11.5in x 2.5in matchbox
  • 40 extra long wand matches
Extras - Wand Matches
Extras - Wand Matches

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Customer Reviews

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Wand matches

These work way better than a lighter for lighting the last of my tall pillars. The packing is also super cute. These make a great gift for any candle lover.

Davida Jordan

Perfect for lighting tall candles. It makes me happy just seeing the box and thinking about which candle I will light next!

Hannah Cann
Long and luxurious

Love these matches! They are perfect for the tall candles.

Alexandra Thomsen
Witchy Wand Matches

Bijou's wand matches definitely make you feel like a witch casting a spell each time you light a candle. I'd like to imagine that Stevie Nicks lights candles exclusively with wand matches. So if you want to feel like Stevie Nicks doing some candle magic, you need some wand matches.

Kathryn Ross
Wand Matches are so cute

So much bigger than I thought but really cute packaging