Netflix & Candle: Pairing Candles with the Best Netflix Shows

Netflix & Candle: Pairing Candles with the Best Netflix Shows

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One of the truly most relaxing activities is settling in to binge watch a series on Netflix and burn some scented candles. Welcome to our typical Friday night activity. Add some snacks and cozy sweatpants and WELCOME! You're in heaven! We like to keep up with all of the newest Netflix shows – here are our current favorites and the candles we like to burn with them. 

Goop Lab & Lena • Lavender & Chamomile

We found Goop Lab incredibly interesting and gobbled it up in one sitting. If you're interested in alternative therapies, wellness and energy work – this is the show for you. Most of these episodes deal with challenging our ideas of traditional wellness and this concept pairs perfectly with our Lena Candle. When we developed the Lena fragrance, we wanted a take on a traditional relaxing lavender scent. We took it to the next level with notes of "a steaming cup of chamomile tea" and the result is a sultry, lightly smoky, herbal blend. Maybe Goop can explore the benefits of candles and tv on their next series, because this is our idea of radical wellness. 

Cheer & Dolly • Peach & Lily

If you haven't seen Cheer yet, please take a personal day and tuck in for one of the best docuseries we've seen in ages. Cheer follows Navarro College's cheer team on their grueling journey to win another national championship at Daytona. Coached by absolute powerhouse bosswoman, Monica Aldama, the cheerleaders share not only their physical journey as elite athletes, but also the mental and emotional journey their lives have taken them on. Touching upon issues of sexuality, class, race and gender, this series will have you laughing, crying and yes - cheering! Nothing can pair better with this series than our very own powerhouse bosswoman candle Dolly. With flyer notes of peach and lily, tumbler notes of zesty ginger and grapefruit, and a base of warm cardamom, you've got a scent pyramid that's bound to take the title. 

Glow Up & Claudette • White Petals

British competition series Glow Up is what would happen if The Great British Bake Off had a baby with YouTube makeup tutorials. As a makeup artist myself and a huge fan of British TV, I binged this entire series almost instantly - as if I had downloaded it into my brain. Wait - do you think that will be a thing some day? Will we just download content into our brains and enjoy it without the constraints of time? Furthermore, are we currently living in a simulation? I digress, anyway this show is a ton of fun and brought me back to my makeup days at Barney's (RIP) and inspired me to burn our Claudette Candle. Claudette is inspired by classic french perfumes and is the perfect "getting ready" candle. Dripping with floral jasmine, lily and tuberose, this scent is the equivalent of the perfect cheekbone highlighter that catches in the sunlight. 

Broken & Hermione • Cedar & Thyme

Broken uncovers the world of counterfeit products, Juul, Ikea and more. As a consumer, this is a very interesting and important show to watch. We found the episode regarding counterfeit makeup to be the most horrifying. It's crucial that you purchase skincare and makeup products from reputable sites and stores, because it can be a matter of public health (i.e. fake Lip Kits containing super glue!). Whenever we're in learning mode, we like to channel Hermione with her namesake candle. Our Hermione Candle has soothing notes of cedar, thyme and eucalyptus and a curious drop of patchouli. It's the perfect blend to study with or in my case, get learned by a good old fashioned docuseries. 

You & Sabrina • Patchouli & Bergamot

OBVIOUSLY our Sabrina Candle goes perfectly with The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, but you don't need us to tell you obvious things, you're in the Candle Coven so you're clearly very bright. What you might not know is that we love the series You (both seasons SLAP) and we think it's an incredible look into toxic masculinity under the guise of a dark comedy thriller. We follow the protagonist, Joe, who is an incredibly dangerous, love sick, anti-hero, as he navigates an almost comedy of errors (and wins, somehow) in an effort to get close to the object of his obsession. Our Sabrina Candle has mysterious notes of patchouli, lemongrass, bergamot and the spice of black pepper. It's a multi-faceted scent that keeps you on your toes as Joe digs himself deeper into his sick world. 

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