Our Favorite Winter Wellness Products

Our Favorite Winter Wellness Products

Winter Wellness

Staying well in the winter months can be quite a feat. The bitter cold, holiday travels and general hustle and bustle can have you feeling under the weather. Here's what we've been loving to help us stay healthy and relaxed in 2020!

These Elderberry Gummies

I've heard that elderberry is great for helping to support the immune system and saw that these gummies came highly recommended. I've been taking them daily since October and have successfully avoided any colds. I usually will get a yearly cold around and holidays and this was the first year I made it out unscathed. Could it be the gummies? I'm not willing to find out what will happen if I stop them! Also, they are pretty yummy!

This Massage Gun

There's something about the winter months that make all your muscles tense up and it makes it difficult to get a restful nights sleep. I'd heard that percussive massage guns are the ultimate knot destroyers. A lot of them are a bit on the pricey side, so when I found this one for under $200 I jumped on it. This thing is POWERFUL but it turns you into jelly and you will sleep like a baby. It's also great for muscle recovery for those hitting them gym.

These Sleep Gummies

Clearly I have a thing for gummies. I was taking plain ol' melatonin when I happened upon these. I find they work better than melatonin and I wake up feeling refreshed. For me, my biggest issue isn't falling asleep (in fact, I'm desperately trying to stay awake all day) but staying asleep. Do you wake up at 4am and suddenly think "remember that time in 6th grade when I had food in my braces all day and no one said anything"? Then these should help. 

This Humidifier

Heating our homes helps them feel nice and cozy but it can be also incredibly drying. Getting too dry can bring on the colds and chapped lips. I've had a love hate relationship with humidifiers because I find they can get moldy really fast, but I find this one is super easy to clean. It also has an adjustable amount of mist that comes out and you have the option to turn on its soothing blue light to help you relax at bedtime. 

This CBD Lotion

I was gifted this CBD lotion and have repurchased it because I am OBSESSED. At the slightest twinge of an ache or pain, I slather this stuff on at bedtime and melt into the pillow. It also contains arnica which can help soothe muscles and bruises. I call this "my special potion" because it really is magic!

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