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Tips For Relieving Stress

Tips For Relieving Stress
Sometimes after a stressful day it can be really hard to unwind. As business owners ourselves, we often have to take extra steps to decompress. We're sharing our favorite tips that help you drift off in to a deep restorative sleep.

1. Turn off the screens.

 Screen time is so alluring and addictive, but it can also keep the mind active and be a strain on the eyes. A couple hours before bedtime, turn off the devices.

2. Read a book. 

We personally have a hard time settling in to read a book, but recently have found ourselves reaching for something to peruse while we wind down. 

3. Drink CBD tea.

Both my Mom and Sister would not stop raving about this tea, and wow does it deliver. 10/10 

4. Light. Some. Candles. 

There is truly nothing that sets a relaxing mood like candle light and aromatherapy. We've been really loving the lightly spiced heart notes of Cher• Jasmine & Rosewater for this lately. It's sumptuous, warming and really promotes relaxation. 

5. Try the Calm App.

I don't know why I resisted the Calm App. for so long. I try a new style of meditation or sleep stories and soundscapes every night and find myself drifting off to sleep before I know it. I even think my doggies are getting a better night sleep with it. 🤷


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