The Best Affordable Loungewear

The Best Affordable Loungewear

Bijou Best Affordable Loungewear

As we've all become members of the Stay At Home Coven, we've been seeking out comfy cozies to keep ourselves isolation chic. All of our hard clothes have been put on the back burner as we demand softs only! We've put together our list of the cutest loungewear that won't break the bank. 


1. Aerie

aerie loungeware

The Aerie line is a personal favorite and has everything you need from activeware to matching sweatsuits to soft lounge bras. They are usually running some sort of promotion and you can grab some high quality sweats for not too much money!

2. The Gap

the gap loungeware

Let's fall into the Gap (are we aging ourselves?). The Gap has great sweats and jammies that are perfect for some Work From Home Realness. If you're adventurous enough to try some softhard™ pants (that is a pant that is acceptable to wear out of doors but is ultimately a soft), they have some really cute linen blend joggers that do the job quite well. Also, they've usually got a great sale running!

3. Target

target loungware

Target has an amazing selection of cute jim-jams (pajamas for the layman) and soft-softs (read: loungewear). They even have the holy trinity of sweatsuit colors – neons, leopard prints, and tie dyes. The price is definitely right and the quality is A+. 

4. Uniqlo

uniqlo lounge set

We love a Uniqlo moment. Simple, clean and chic clothing at an affordable price - that's NICE! They take a lot of the guesswork out of loungewear by selling pre-made sets. They also sell gorgeous printed pajamas that really make you look like you have your act together, whether you do or not (this is a judgement free zone).

5. UpWest

upwest sweatshirt

UpWest uses eco-friendly fabrics and gives 1% of their gross profit to charity, so you can feel good about receiving an order from them (in recycled packaging). All of their clothing is soft approved and cute to boot. Bonus: They have a discount off your first order and a generous rewards program!

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