The 7 Best All-Around House Shoes

The 7 Best All-Around House Shoes

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As we all become stay at home specialists, the need for house specific clothing and shoes becomes more and more important. Some people prefer a bare or socked foot, but in our apartment, we like a little support as we shuffle from room to room. Here are our favorite house shoes to complete our stay at home wardrobes.


leopard crocs

We simply won't hear anything but praise for these comfy cozies. A shoe that once may have gotten you blacklisted from the fashion gods is now a fashun fave. Crocs are literally one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes we've ever worn. They come in loads of colors and prints and go perfectly with any loungewear. These are great to slip on when walking the dog or running to the mailbox. When heading out, we recommend putting the heel strap down to engage "sport mode" on your crocs. 

Birkenstocks EVA Sandal

Birkenstock Eva Sandal

If Crocs are an all terrain 4x4, these EVA Birkenstocks are like their sporty hatchback step-sister. We love these as a house shoe because they provide excellent arch support and they're incredibly easy to clean, all you have to do is rinse them off! They also mold to your feet the moment you start wearing them.

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide

WOW are these some fun slips. I mean need I say more? Do you even need to wear any clothes if you wear these? They're the entire look! So fun, so kuwai, so many color options. Are they comfortable? Probably but who cares when you look like a fluffy home monster!

Minnetonka Tucson

Minnetonka Tucson

If you prefer a cozier house shoe with more comfy coverage, we love everything from Minnetonka, especially the Tucson slipper boot. These boots have a suede lined upper and rubber sole, so they can easily be taken outside for a woodsy stroll or a bonfire. The neutral colorway also pairs perfectly with any sweatsuit you've been wearing for days at a time.

UGG Tasman

UGG Tasman

These UGGs are a classic go-to indoor/outdoor slipper. They're great quality, so the lining lasts a long time and maintains its coziness. They're timeless and will never go out of style. These slips are tight at first, but mold to your feet to feel like they're custom made.

LL Bean Elkhide Slipper

LL Bean Elkhide

If you're anything like us, you've dabbled in Grandpa cosplay since you got your driver's license, and these slippers are perfect for just that. Complete your look with a "#1 Grandpa" mug and tshirt, long plaid robe (preferably worn open and also from LL Bean), and a morning newspaper. Feel free to tell stories about "when you were so and so's age" with reckless abandon. "I remember when they played football WITHOUT helmets!"



If money is really no object, SUICOKE sandals are such a flex. This cult Japanese brand has been making these sickening sandals since 2006, and its signature features include neoprene panels and adjustable nylon straps, molded Vibram footbed, woven logo, and Vibram Morflex soles. If you want to feel like you're at your very own at-home fashion week, these are for you.

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