Interesting Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Interesting Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Date Night Ideas
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We're on the brink of Valentine's Day and it's got us thinking about date nights. You have your traditional coffee dates, drink dates, dinner and a movie dates, and the infamous Netflix and chill dates – but what kind of date do you go on when you're either: A. not into traditional dates B. bored of these dates or C. actually trying to watch the movie? We've got you covered. We're sharing our favorite ways to spend time together. 

Painting Pottery Date

We love a crafty date. Painting pottery gives you the opportunity to embrace your inner artist and you get a cute memento to keep afterwards. Having an activity to focus on can help keep the conversation flowing. This is also a great chance to see what kind of person you're dating. What piece did they pick to paint? Maybe they picked something decorative as opposed to something useful, like a mug or bowl. What painting technique did they use? Did they go impressionism or surrealism? We think how someone paints pottery is a quick glimpse into their personality. So this date is no longer about having fun, this date is about forensic pottery personality detection. How many colors did they choose? Did they waste paint? Who does that? Are they messy? Did they paint something for themselves or someone else? Who are they painting this for if it's not for you? Are they SEEING SOMEONE ELSE? Should you have the exclusivity conversation? Maybe it's for their mother. Do you need to be worried about parental boundaries?! See what we're saying here? Pottery dates are the best. 

Ice Skating Date

Ice skating can be a real "ice breaker" (thank you-we'll be here all blog). There's something so cute about two people scuffling around the ice, holding hands while desperately trying not to fall. This is a particularly good date for people who hate chit chat and like to wear indoor gloves. There's rarely an opportunity to wear an indoor glove these days. People used to legit wear fancy gloves...did they get super dirty? What if you want to eat donuts or pet a wet dog? Those gloves are going to get filthy. And you know they were made from like the finest silks that you bought from your special silk shop and they are definitely NOT easy to clean. They probably didn't have dry cleaners...maybe they had special glove cleaning people. ANYWAY, we digress - ice skating is also great way to see how your date will act in an emergency. We suggest falling dramatically to see how they react. Are they concerned? How are their first aid skills? Do they laugh? What if they laugh? Does this look funny to you!? This is deadly serious, we are zooming around on boots with KNIVES ON THEM. Something like that, we're not script writers, but you get the gist. 

Nature Walk Date

A nice long walk in a beautiful setting can be so romantic. We find some of our best conversations happen when observing nature. Maybe you like to bird watch and talk about birds and how funny they are and how the dinosaurs are the ancestors of birds and your date says "no they're not" and you're like "yes they are we don't even know what dinosaurs look like they could have had feathers jeeze have you ever even read a single book? Honestly dinosaurs could have had FUR for all we know. All we know is that they had bones because we saw those bones on our FIRST date at the Natural History Museum and you decided that we needed to get pretzels after so we walked in the rain to get pretzels and then you didn't have cash on you so I had to pay for them when I didn't even want them in the first place and you insisted that we EACH get our own and they ended up being SO dry and too salty. Why did I even agree to this second date?"

Wow, dates can be a lot of work. Perhaps it'd be a better idea to just hang out with your coven, light some candles, wear sweatpants, and eat donuts (without gloves, for once). Happy Valentine's Day, Candle Coven!

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