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Candle light has been used for its soothing properties for centuries. There is truly nothing like the soft flicker of the flame to help get you into a positive mindset. Starting a daily ritual of burning scented candles can add another layer of self-care by utilizing aroma therapy. Here's what we're burning to help us get into the right mindset this winter. 

Focus Ritual
These cold and dark winter days can make it incredible difficult to get up and going in the morning. Scents that contain bright notes like citrus, fruit and ginger can be great for stimulating your mind and maintaining focus. For this, we recommend the delicate balance of light florals and citrus bitters in Audrey • Pink Bellini or the sweet juicy peach notes mixed with tangy grapefruit in Dolly • Peach & Lily.

Positivity Ritual
Sometimes we need a little midday pick me up to help elevate our mood. Scent is strongly tied to memory and can help transport you to a happy time and place. This is very personal to each person, but we have been burning some of our favorites for a little boost. Judy • Cornbread & Maple Butter smells just like warm baked cornbread mixed with Sunday morning pancakes slathered with syrup and butter - it's like a hug from Grandma. We also love to reminisce about Summer gardens teeming with fresh flowers and pitchers of berry-filled sangria with Bette • Rose & Berries. 

Calming Ritual

We have recently been turning off the blue lights (TV, phones, and laptops) a few hours before bed and enjoying some relaxing candlelight and a good book. Our sleep quality has greatly improved. We typically light candles with soothing herbal notes while we do our nightly skincare routine, and let the relaxing aromas lull us into total relaxation. For this, we use Lena • Lavender Chamomile both notes of lavender and chamomile are touted for their calming properties. We also love Hermione • Cedar & Thyme for winding down, this candle transports you to a cracking fireplace emitting soft herbal notes of thyme which is known for its healing properties. 

Discover all of our fragrances and develop your own daily ritual. We'd love to hear what scents you're using to help maintain wellness.

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