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New Moon In Virgo Ritual

New Moon In Virgo Ritual

The new moon is a time for a new start and to consider what we want to bring with us into this new chapter, and what we want to leave behind. This year we have been urged to examine our lives, breakdown what has been holding us back, what relationships have been serving us well, and what relationships needed repairing. All of the reflection and manifestation we've done so far this year will now allow our newest pathway to emerge. 

This September new moon falls in Virgo and presents an opportunity to work on our most Virgo traits. This includes things like working on our daily organization, get into some of the more detailed projects we've been putting off, or starting a new health regimen. In Virgo fashion, we are urged to take practical measures to improve ourselves.

Our New Moon Ritual 

Step 1: Set The Tone

Virgo is one of the tidiest signs, we're honoring that by cleaning up our space (that's the Virgo magic already helping us improve!), organizing anything that we've been putting off, and making our space clutter free. 

Once our space is giving us the tidy Virgo energy we desire, it's time to further set the tone with some inspiring music and our scented candles. We're lighting the Coven Tall Votive Set. This witchy candle set features our earthiest scent notes – cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and cleansing palo santo – perfect for Virgo's earth sign vibes. 

 The Candle Coven

Step 2: Write It Out

Grab some paper and a pen and focus on grounding yourself in your space to help you gain clarity. Sit comfortably and consider anything that you're ready to release. This is anything that is acting as a barrier or is in your way.

Once you've done that, start writing down things you want to call into your life. This can be anything from creating a new daily routine to embarking on a new career. Anything that you feel will serve you on your journey, write it down. 

Step 3: Call It Out 

Read your list out loud. The act of verbally calling intentions into your life can help you in realizing your manifestation. Meditate on your intentions and imagine you are sending them out for instructions. Open yourself up to receiving the answers to your call.

Once you've done this, extinguish your candles. This is symbolic way of closing your ritual. 

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I’m so excited for this! Sadly I only just discovered this site. I’m going to order candles so I’m ready next time! Thank you!

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