Your February Candle Horoscope

candle horoscope
Retrograde Who?

This season's Mercury in retrograde is no match for these vibes. Check out the candle best suited to your horoscope. 

Aries - You're in business mode and are in the midst of climbing the ladder of success. The law of attraction is in your court. Light up something fancy and attract that promotion!

Try Ava 

Taurus - You're working on something secret that you can't talk about just yet. Maybe it's a new relationship, a project, or travel plans. Take a little scent journey to tide you over.

Try Cher

Gemini - Your social calendar is pumping and you are thriving. You may even have a burgeoning new relationship on the horizon. It's too soon to make moves just yet, but you can manifest the flirtation with something romantic. 

Try Bette

Cancer - Give yourself a pat on the back! Your leadership and supportive qualities are being recognized. You can have a tendency to be too generous and it's important to make sure you're enjoying some rest and relaxation for yourself. 

Try Lena

Leo - The world is your oyster. You're feeling very motivated to expand upon your successes and everyone around you is enjoying your positive buzz. Keep that fire lit!

Try Hermione

Virgo - You're feeling very emotionally connected to others lately. This can have a positive effect on your personal relationships, as long as you don't make any rash decisions in your heightened state. Stay grounded. 

Try Willow

Libra - You love to see people happy. You will put a lot of energy into keeping your closest friends and loved ones happy. Make sure to take time to fill up your cup with positivity. 

Try Dolly

Scorpio - You are on top of your to-do list lately and it feels so good! After a period of things not clicking, you're finally feeling like you've got your A game back. Keep at it, the world is yours.

Try Audrey

Sagittarius - Your instinct to put yourself out there is right on the money. Well, love AND money. Both of these opportunities are presenting themselves to you. Consistency is key, keep the fire burning and all good things will present themselves to you. 

Try Greta

Capricorn - You feel like you've come a long way and are finally smooth sailing with a few minor things that are just getting at you. Don't let the small stuff get you down. Break away from old habits and allow yourself to forge a new path. 

Try Stevie

Aquarius - You're feeling extra connected to others recently. This is a great opportunity for you to learn and grow from these new communications, but be wary of taking on too much and maintain boundaries. Light up some protection on your new journey. 

Try Sabrina

Pisces - Don't be an island. Your successes will be found through meaningful partnerships. You have a right to be cautious, but your past experiences have made you wiser. Move forward on new team driven projects with confidence and you will love the results.

Try The Candle Coven

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