How to: Icons Costumes for Halloween

How to: Icons Costumes for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and we are inspired by our new Icon Collection for costume ideas. Not to brag, but here at Bijou we know our way around a costume...


I spent a week hand beading Alaina's Jareth Jacket, handmade the Sarah headpiece, and added embroidery to the dress and jacket. It was worth it!


Death Becomes Her

The best part about these costumes were the creepy eyes and how good Alaina looks in platinum lace front! 

Death Becomes HerDeath Becomes Her


Absolutely Fabulous

This was a particularly fun one because we put Alaina in a kitten heel. Also, the champagne was a necessity as it was part of the costume! P.S. That's my real hair!

Anyway, I DIGRESS!

I'm showing you how to put together the perfect Dolly, Stevie and Cher costumes to impress this Halloween. Get your wigs caps on and let's play dress up!


Dolly Parton Costume

There are several iterations of Dolly Parton, but I've put together what I consider the ultimate Dolly costume. You can feel free to do the option of enhancing your chest for some authentic Dolly cleavage, but it's up to you and I really don't think Dolly herself would mind either way!

The Wig

Dolly Parton Wig

This wig is perfect for Dolly and at $13.39 we are off to a good start. (Says the woman who has spent hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours making the perfect costume. Seriously, I can't help myself.)

The Dress

Dolly Parton Image

Wow this dress is fun! Maybe even like "wear it regularly" fun. It actually comes with the wig seen here, but tbh I really like the other wig better and it's worth the extra $13 to look as Dolly perfect as possible. It's all about the DETAILS PEOPLE!

The Boots

Dolly Parton Boots

This pair of perfect pinks is making me emotional. Yes they are $175 and yes I will convince myself that I will wear them on the regular to justify this purchase, but Halloween only comes but once a year and a girl needs to live her DREAMZ. PLUS! We are saving so much money on that $13 wig that it really just makes sense. 

Complete this look with some gaudy jewelry, a guitar (a toy one would work for this) and full face of makeup!


Stevie Nicks Costume

Stevie has so much inspiration to pull from! Flowy, lacy, witchy – you can't mess this one up. For someone like Stevie, who has so many looks, it's good to stick to a specific reference. I'm using this:

Stevie Nicks

The Wig

As it says on this Amazon listing: natural enough, thick enough, rock enough. Perfect...enough.

The Dress

Again, I will wear this dress outside of this costume so that is a bonus. It's flowy and witchy and very Gold Dust Woman. Check!

The Hat

Stevie Nicks Hat

$7.99? Correct. This is perfect.

To complete this look, add some 70's style wedges and a crescent moon necklace. Maybe even bring a mic stand with several scarves hanging from it - just in case!


Cher Costume

There is quite the library of Cher looks to pull from here. This fashion icon has honestly done it all so we are going to need to pick a Cher to emulate here. I'm going to go for a 70's style of Cher for this one.

The Wig

Cher Wig

This is a great wig to have in your collection. It can be used for Morticia, Kim Kardashian or for when you just feel like flipping around silky black hair which, for me, is quite often.

The Outfit

Cher Costume

It doesn't get more Cher than a midriff bearing bell bottom set like this. I bet my Mom would make me wear a flesh colored leotard under this one to keep me warm while trick or treating. 

The Platforms

Cher Costume

You can't wear bell bottoms without some iconic platform heels. This pair is cute and affordable and can definitely be worn again!

Finish this look with big fake eyelashes and a white feather boa. 


🎃Don't forget to enter our Costume Contest! One winner will receive the Coven Tall Votive Set!🎃

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