Meet Jamie Kutchman Wynne: Founder of Marigold & Grey

What's Jamie Kutchman Wynne's motto? Leap and the net will appear.
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Behind the beautifully curated gift boxes are endless hours of tedious work, research, planning, creation and imagination. As CEO and founder of her gift company, Marigold & Grey, Jamie Kutchman Wynne had one true passion — and that was simply the gift of giving. Whether it's gifting for the holidays, corporate events or bridal parties, it's clear that Jamie pours her heart and soul into each and every box that she puts together.

We chatted with Jamie about her journey in turning her passion into a full-time gig. 

Name: Jamie Kutchman Wynne
Age: 38
Education: James Madison University, Psychology Major & Business Minor

What is your professional background?
Long-time career in medical and surgical sales prior to starting Marigold & Grey.

What made you realize that you wanted to start your own custom gift business?
I saw the need in the market during my own wedding planning in 2012. Once I got up the nerve to leave my own successful career behind, I jumped head-first into building my business and never once looked back. Before you become a business owner, you never really think of yourself as "the business owner" so it can be frightening. But having the solid business foundation from my corporate job to rely on helped make the transition a little easier for me. I'm thankful I took the chance and only wish that I had taken the leap sooner.

How did you come up with the name?
They were my wedding colors!

What makes your gifts so unique and special?
They're not only beautiful and thoughtful, but we really aim to express the look and feel of a particular event (ie. weddings, workshops, corporate events) in the form of a gift. Also, we aren't providing merely just products. We are a full-service gifting business where we handle everything from start to finish including gift design, gift assembly, hand-delivery service and even reviewing rooming lists with each venue to make sure our gifts get delivered to the correct recipients. We create an overall experience enabling our clients to relax in the time leading up to their event rather than worrying about all the many details involved in welcome gifts.

What is a typical day at work like for you?
Good question! There is no typical day. It's a combination of directing my team, custom gift design, brainstorming, blogging, photoshoots, mentoring creative entrepreneurs, handling all of our social media and even some prop styling for other brands in addition to my own.

What's your idea of relaxing?
This is tough because I have a very hard time relaxing. Even when I'm sitting still, I'm still thinking about my business. Don't laugh, but lately I've found adult coloring books to be very relaxing.

What is your favorite "special occasion" to gift?
Definitely custom bridal gifts! I adore our clients who, even in the midst of the stressful weeks leading up to their wedding, still take time to focus on others!

What's your advice for aspiring female entrepreneurs who would like to start their own business?
There's no shortcut to success. There's a lot of perfection floating around social media, but behind it is all pure, old-fashioned hustle, and the kind of hustle that isn't so glamorous. The kind of hustle that means doing things even when you're beyond exhausted. The kind of hustle that requires  a lot of trial and error and sometimes, with no end in sight. Doing the right thing for your business and clients day in and day out will add up and play a huge role in getting where you want to be.

Your motto:
Leap and the net will appear.

Learn more about Marigold & Grey and their award-winning welcome gifting service here.

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