Full Moon In Cancer Ritual

Full Moon In Cancer Ritual

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This last Full Moon of 2020 arrives in Cancer and asks us to slow down, relax, and take stock of our feelings. The last few lunar phases have really put us to work and Cancer energy is here to help comfort us and restore us, just like the mother of the zodiac is want to do. 
Cancer is represented by the crab, an animal with a hard shell but soft inside. We've all spent a lot of time this year in our shells but it's time to allow our "soft" inner emotions to flow freely. We are approaching this month's full moon ritual a little differently to honor Cancer's homebody nature. 

Our Full Moon Ritual

Step 1: Set The Scene

Burn, and I cannot stress this enough, as many candles as you want. We want to create the most chilled out vibe ever and a fragrant candlelit ambience is just what this full moon ordered. Try some of our coziest scents!
For Sweet Smell Lovers:
For the Herbal Tea Drinker:
For the Incense Burner:

Step 2: Get Cozy

Cancer's love to feel secure and safe and are true homebodies. Get into your coziest jammies, lay out on the couch, and pile on the blankets. You want to feel like you're in a cocoon of total relaxation.

Step 3: Enjoy Yourself 

Do whatever makes you feel relaxed, comforted and safe. Watch a movie, read a book, write in your journal – there are no rules here. Let all of the stress go and focus on how you're feeling when you are in this peaceful state. Use this evening to allow the moon's energy to wash over you with its restorative energy. Make note of how you feel and try and bring this energy with you into the new year. 

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I am so excited to do this tonight!!

I am so excited to do this tonight!!

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