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Our Favorite Products On Amazon

Our Favorite Products On Amazon

As millennials, when it comes to shopping habits, we buy almost everything online – groceries, makeup, clothing, candles, the list goes on! Most of the time, we’re cruising Amazon Prime for just about anything we can think of. We’ve even put together elaborate Halloween costumes with things bought from Amazon.

With so many choices out there, it can be hard to take the plunge on new products. We’re sharing some of our favorite Amazon purchases to help you navigate the world’s biggest marketplace.

1. This T-Shirt Dress

This t-shirt dress is so comfy and easy to wear. Sometimes t-shirt dresses can be boxy, but this one is really flattering. It’s perfect for Summer, paired with cute sandals and a denim jacket for chilly evenings. It comes in several colors and prints, but I got it in black because my Summer look veers more toward beach goth, but there’s definitely something for lots of different looks here.

2. This Lava Lamp

We were feeling particularly nostalgic after watching one of our favorite shows, Pen15 (a must watch), and decided that we needed a lava lamp on an emotional level. After looking through the classic styles, we came upon this gold glitter version and boy did it deliver! It’s sort of a more “grown up” version of the classic, and gives off an amazing glittery glow that really sets the mood. PLUS, it’s golden light looks amazing next to a lit Bijou Candle.

3. This Duster

I had been living in a fool’s paradise before I got this duster. Not only does this duster reach the ceiling, and help save your back when you’re getting the base boards, but it actually holds on to dust instead of moving it around. This is also great if you have ceiling fans. I can genuinely tell a difference with my dust allergies since I got it.

4. This Portable Ring Light

I love this little ring light! It clips onto any phone and has three light settings. It’s great for when you’re out and about and things are backlit or dark. I also love it when I’m too lazy to bring out lighting equipment for some quick Instagram pics! It’s also great for selfies and delivers clearer, brighter pics.

5. These Erasable Pens

This colorful pen set is ACTUALLY erasable. These are not the erasable pens we smudged around in middle school, these totally erase. This set has 12 beautiful colors and writes so smoothly. Definitely my most favorite pens of all time!

6. This Duvet Set

This duvet set is so reasonably priced and is incredibly soft and cozy. We have the pink set, but it comes in a bunch of great colors. It has a really nice crinkle finish that gives it that easy, breezy linen look. I sleep really hot usually, but this set is breathable and cool. Also, it has ties, which is a duvet MUST have since, as we know, duvets are the Rubix cube of bed linens.

7. This Makeup Organizer

This organizer is a must have for the perfect #shelfie. I personally am more apt to clean up after myself if I have a specific home for my products. This is just the right size for all your products needed for a daily makeup application. The clear acrylic is easy to keep clean and looks pretty on your vanity, too!

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